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Kagan's beliefs on issues

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    This is an area to discuss Kagan's beliefs on different issues as they are known.

    FIrst, It appears that it is unknown which way Kagan falls on gun control. See
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    I would expect that Kagan will apply the law regarding gun ownership in an intelligent, common sense way.  It doesn't matter what her personal views are.

    The National Rifle Association, on the other hand, will seek out the tiniest piece of evidence on how she might rule on gun issues and blow them way out of proporation.  Remember the false "Obama is going to take your guns away" campaign of the NRA , gun manufacturers and retailers that pushed up gun sales in 2008 and 2009.  They made out like bandits. And they can do it to Kagan as well.  If Kagan is approved, maybe the new campaign will be "Kagan will take your guns away."  It doesn't take much to get this group energized...and gun sales will boom again.

    The NRA has shifted to the right in the last several years and aligns itself with far right Republicans and some in the Tea Party...and of course groups like the Michigan militias that need to arm themselves against the US government.  As a result many moderate Republicans have dropped their membership in the NRA, the most notable being George H.W. Bush.

    In any case, there are far more important issues that should be considered in selecting a Supreme Court judge.  Unfortunately, the gun lobby has a way of distorting the facts and capturing the headlines.