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Glenn Beck the "Entertainer"

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    Reference: Lace Rose, Forbes Magazine, Glenn Beck, Inc. April 26, 2010 Issue

    Quoting Glenn Beck from the Forbes article: "I could give a flying crap about the political process....We're an entertainment company."

    Rose quotes Michael Harrison in the article: "I don't necessarily believe that [what Beck says] is reflective of his own personal politics--I don't even know if he has personal politics," says Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers, a trade magazine devoted to talk radio. "I see him as a performer."

    Rose notes that "Beck's media empire is bringing in $32 million a year."

    The question in my mind, is why so many people take Glenn beck seriously.  He is indeed an entertainer, just like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Jon Stewart and Jay Leno.  But a scholar of government and politics he is not.  He does, however, know how to enrage his viewers and that's what it is all about...making money selling rage.

    And that rage makes money in the liberal media as well as they show the Glenn Beck clips on the air and it gets all the liberals fired up saying "what a stupid ass!"

    So both the right wing media and the left wing media profit from Glenn Beck.  The American public loses because everytime we are engaging in an angry debate about petty "Glenn Beck" nonsensical diatribes, we lose sight of the real issues of the day that deserve intellectual discussion and debate. Oh but that would be boring and viewers and listeners would tune out. Who watches Fareed Zakaria anyway?

    It's all about the money...and we would rather be entertained than informed.