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Guantanamo Bay Closure

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    Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is urging President Obama to reconsider closing Gitmo, on the grounds that it will be too dangerous to have such enemy-combatants on US soil. Does this sound like a valid argument to you guys. The opposing argument is that everyone regardless of whom you are, deserves the basic rights mandated by the Geneva Convention. The truth is, we really don't know what happens to these prisoners once they are in Gitmo. The US prisons, although they have their own set of problems (Oh, do they ever!), at least have some access to the media and must act under Federal law.

    Of course, there is the argument that by transferring them to US prisons, we are increasing the danger for all US citizens. Although this may be a valid claim, I would like to know how many prisoners in the US actually escape from the high security prisons. I would guess the number is low.
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    First, no one has ever escaped from a Supermax prison.  The Supermax just down the road from us in Florence Colorado houses notable terrorists such as Zacarias Moussaoui, Theodore Kaczynski, Terry Nichols, and Richard Reid.  I have never heard of anyone in Florence feeling threatened by their presence.  They are locked away tightly, maybe too tightly in the minds of some who cite the isolation for life of prisoners as "cruel and unusal punishment." These particular convicted felons do not have access to the media as some have suggested.

    The arguments being raised by Hutchinson and other Repulicans have nothing to do with the security of the prison or threats to the community.  The policies were perfectly okay with Republicans during the Bush administration. Rather, it is all about politics and the continual fear mongering that Republicans engage in to prop up their standings.

    Guantanimo should indeed be closed as Obama has repeatedly said. Referencing the NSN: "The facility is a blight on America's image and a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda which has led to the deaths of hundreds of Americans."

    Finally for those that advocate that we need Guantanimo so we can circumvent US Constitutional law, well that's simply "unAmerican." Everyone deserves their day in court and our Federal courts have repeatedly demonstrated that they can administer justice to terrorists for the whole world to see. It's what distinguishes us from countries like Iran and North Korea.

    Isn't it amazing how the Republican "collective" can so quickly do an about face on an issue for politcal posturing? Party first...