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Every Joe on the street plus James inhofe a climate change expert?

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    Reference: Salon: Gene Lyons, Weathering the Storm of Stupidity, Dec 16, 2009

    This article by Gene Lyons addresses a point that gets my hot button.  The issues around climate change are extremely complicated...cutting edge science meant for high level scientific debate.  Yet the right wing conservatives have made it into "everyman's issue."  Every man on the street has an opinion, often depending on what the weather is that day.  We don't debate the mechanics of going to the moon so why should we be indulging in debate about something the average person knows absolutely nothing about.

    As Lyons points out:

    "Ex-beauty contestants, drive-time DJs, TV sports announcers, hairstylists, newspaper columnists -- basically anybody whose math skills topped out in the 10th grade -- rarely have anything substantive to add to the sum of technical and scientific knowledge."

    Yet these are the people seemingly the driving scientific debate about Climate Change. But for all their stupidity, there is one man in Congress who beats them all.  I nominate James Inhofe as the stupidest when it comes to the Climate Change debate. Any other nominations?
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    Yeah, Al Gore! 

    You remember him, "A tiger can't change it's spots", "I invented the internet" !

    What makes him more of an expert than the people you mentioned?
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    There is a big difference between someone like Al Gore and the global warming deniers.  Al Gore used the research results of reputable climatologists worldwide and presented it in his film and his book to help make the public aware of how man is affecting the climate.   Has Gore sometimes stepped beyond his role?  Yes in my opinion.  But it should not detract from the underlying message of climate scientists. The scientific community polices itself by publishing results and holding them up to scrutinty by their peers. And the evidence for human induced climate change from green house gases is indeed overwhelming.

    On the other hand, the climate change deniers have never put up any scientific evidence that would stand up to scientific scrutiny. Most of them have little knowledge of climate or even weather. They will just cherry pick a few bits of "weather events" and play to the ignorance of the populace on this subject.

    There are climate change issues that are worth further scrutiny and further discussion within the scientific community.  It is not a perfect science, but unfortunately the climate change deniers demand absolute proof.... 95 percent is not good enough.
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    The former member is misinformed, to put it kindly. Al Gore never claimed to "invent the internet". His correct statement was actually that he championed funding to privatize the internet when it was still just a DARPA program used primarily by the military and universities. The funding resulted in the creation of what we now call the world wide web, and my ability to make comments on this website.