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Who/what does Joseph Lieberman represent?

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    Just what is Joseph Lieberman's purpose in blocking an up and down vote on health care reform?  He has consistently expressed his support for expanded Medicare, the latest as of three months ago. Now he does an about face and says he'll join Republicans in filibustering the legislation.

    Does he have an alternative agenda, unrelated to health care?  Could it be that his real motive is to weaken Obama so his Israel- Palestinian peace initiative loses support.  Freezing of Jewish settlements in the occupied West bank is a hot button issue in Israel.

    Joseph Lieberman is one of several members of Congress who historically have put the interests of Israel above those of the Unuited States.
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    I think that some of the possibilities you propose are certainly plausible. It surprises me too how much he switches between parties. I understand he is an independent, but you would think that at least he would have certain principles that he would stick by. Just recently he said that he would say yes to reform unless the Medicare Expansion provision is not in the final Senate Bill. However, as recently as 2006, he was on record for supporting just such an expansion of Medicare as one of his stances for re-election. Clearly, he is not fighting health care reform on ideological grounds, but rather political ones.
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    Too all Americans who are fed up with Congress, the Senators who have been in Congress more that 6 years need to be replaced, period! Congress can make or break the United 
    States. If they were doing their job American would NOT be in the shape it's in today. Not to say that replacing them would change anything, however after 23 years in office the only thing this Congressman had done is what ever it takes to stay in office and get rich. I don't want to single out Mr. Lieberman, however, we as Americans need to seriously look at all of the Senators and ask ourselves "what has our senator done for our country"? If he or she has not make a substantial difference in six years... VOTE THEM OUT ! A lot of the Senators have been in office for years. Why? Because we keep voting for them. Let's ALL come  together as a unit and for the next 6 years when a Senator comes up for re-election- Don't vote for them.
    We... can change Congress!