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The Armageddonites of the Republican Party

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    Reference: MSNBC: DeLay makes intense appeal to Jewish voters, Sept 1, 2004

    This article is a bit dated but it highlights the increasing influence of the Christian Right on foreign policy.  Tom Delay and many Republican Christian Fndamentalists are "Armagennodites" believing in the Rapture and End Times.  Hence they must protect Israel to fulfill the prophecy of Christ's Second Coming. They are the Christian Zionists.

    Quoting Tom DeLay: “The Republican leadership, especially that leadership in the House, has made pro-Israel policy a fundamental component of our foreign policy agenda and it drives the Democrat leadership crazy — because they just can’t figure out why we do it!”

    Yes we can Tom DeLay. It's because you and your fellow Republicans put Biblical prophecy over the interest of America.  "Country First"...but which country?