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Sarah Palin in 2012? It's Possible.

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    Reference: Watter Shapiro, Politics Daily, How Palin Could Win the 21012 GOP Nominaation

    Opinion polls show that 60 percent of Americans consider Sarah Palin unqualified to be President.  With those numbers, does she even have a chance at a nomination?  Well yes, according to Walter Shapiro, if one considers the "winner take all" Republican primaries, she could end up raking up a lot of primary votes without getting a majority in any of them.

    But could she defeat Obama?  It depends on what is happening with the economy and jobs and wars and health care reform in 2012.  Republicans are expert in distorting the news, and lots of balme will be dumped on Obama's back.

    Our worst nightmare could happen.  Liberals should be wary.
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    I personally don't think it's realistically possible for Palin to win in 2012. She can run, and she may even win the primaries, but she'll NEVER win the general election. Palin has zero intelligence and zero speaking skills. While it's true that a lot of blame will be put on Obama, he'll be able to use his wit, charm, and smarts to convince voters otherwise. On the other hand, remember what happened with Palin and Couric. Think about that times a million. The Obama campaign managers never really saw Palin as a real threat, largely because she was the running mate and not the front runner. However, in 2012 if she becomes the Republican nominee, Obama will put all his efforts into figuring out ways to make her out to be a total idiot, which by the way, isn't every hard!

    This is not accounting for the fact that no moderate would ever vote for Palin. She has a small faction of super enthusiastic followers, but so did Ron Paul and he ain't sittin in the oval office.

    BUT, in the super remote crazy possibility that our country is stupid enough to vote for Palin, book me a one-way ticket to Canada.
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    I read an article in 2008 about a Colleyville woman who said she was going to vote for Palin "simply because she was a hockey mom." My first thought was "Wow, Palin could club baby seals and have plans to set off nuclear warheads all over the world, but this woman would vote for her because she drives her kids to hockey practice."

    Palin has managed hit nearly ever mark for politically suicide but she still keeps reappearing. No telling what the political climate is going to be in 2012 with her.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.
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    I have many family and friends who are Republicans.  I do not know one of them who would support Sarah Palin.  If she becomes the Republican front runner, then that only adds strength to the Democrats. 

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    Sarah Palin does not have a chance.
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    So, that means that 40% of Americans think that she is qualified.  Oh yeah, that is a nightmare.  If she is elected, I'm jumpin ship.  I'll go to Canada or Europe.  I'm not THAT patriotic, especially if America were to vote her in.
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    I personally don't think that Sarah Palin will be nominated by the Republicans.  She is a bit of a rogue, and the plutocrats who control the party will want someone that they can Bush.

    But Sarah Palin will keep teasing about her potential bid for 2012 because that keeps her name in the news, and right now it seems that everytime Palin tweets something...anything, no matter how mundane and stupid... it makes headlines in the mainstream media. Why do the mainstream media chase after her like a dog in heat?  Because it gets them ratings.

    Palin is happy to keep teasing because that ensures big speaking fees across the country.  She is doing what she always wanted to do...being in the limelight, like a Paris Hilton, and making lots and lots of money.  She will milk that all the way up to the 2012 and maybe beyond.

    I really don't think she is interested in being President.  Hell she couldn't handle being mayor of Wasilla or Governor.  As mayor the city had to hire an administrator because she was incapable of doing the job she was elected to do.  As governor the job so overwhelmed her she quit. Of course that's not the only reason she quit. She had her eye on a bigger prize...the limelight and MONEY!!!

    Sarah Palin is only for Sarah Palin. She doesn't give a crap about the country.
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    Recently CBS called Sarah Palin popular and I seem to remember hearing someone on a train say that Bristol Palin's sucess on Dancing with the Stars is all from the popularity of Sarah Palin.

    I seriously hope that Sarah Palin does not manage to run for President or even Vice President for that matter, as she seems to lack intelligence and polish. But popularity of at least some groups and the thrill of watching train wrecks from another crowd may propell her foward.

    Maybe a new campaign should be started: Save a friend, show them the real Sarah Palin.

    Would it help? Probably not. Please let Sarah Palin fade into the background and out of our minds soon.
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    It seems as if some of her own group are jumping ship on her as well!

    "Joe Scarborough, the MSNBC host and former conservative congressman from Florida, says its time for members of his party to get off the sidelines and express their true feelings about Sarah Palin.

    'Republicans have a problem. The most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected," Scarborough writes in a column for Politico out Tuesday. "And yet the same leaders who fret that Sarah Palin could devastate their party in 2012 are too scared to say in public what they all complain about in private.'" See article.