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Who here has personally heard people say they thought wars were good for the economy?

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    This fallacy is very common in Texas. I have heard it many times from many people from all sorts of backgrounds. How does such a thing like this spread? Was this a purposeful whisper campaign and strategy by Republicans or something that just happened randomly that so many people believe this?
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    I hear this a lot as well in Texas. I believe this thought has come about from World War II. People believe that it was the war, and not FDR's New Deal that got us out of the Great Depression. The logic goes that wars create lots of jobs and that is great for our economy. To some extent, this is the same logic that is behind the military-industrial complex. Whether or not wars are good for our economy, they are certainly good at keeping certain very powerful companies, such as Lockheed Martin, in business.
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    Those that profit from war will continue to champion the myth that that wars are good for the economy.  To do so they must continue to rally up false rage against an enemy, any enemy...if not the old Soviet Union, then a new enemy...Saddam Hussein....or al Qaeda...and now Iran.  There will always be an "enemy" out there that will provide the cover for Congress to allocate billions and billions of our tax dollars to fight that threat.  And for anyone that balks...well they are simply "unpatriotic."  Attaching that label to a nay sayer always works. 

    Washington DC is thick with military industrial machine lobbyists that buy our members of Congress by promising contracts for their states, like the C-17 cargo plane which the Pentagon says we have more than enough but we keep building and building more.  And the high priced F-22 fighter jet that costs $350,000,000 each and is useless in fighting the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.  See WP article of July 10, 2009.

    The question is: When will our Congress have the guts to say, ENOUGH? As we debate the cost of heath care in this country, any discussion of cutting military expenditures is off limits. Why?