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Chi meeting Putin

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    Yes Chi will visit Putin this week. I just wonder what these two will discuss or decide. China stays an close ally of Russia, so I bet that China likes to calm things down, but still may supply weapons etc.

    I don't think Putin will want "peace"; at least he wants a large portion of the Ukraine or the whole country, because his objective is to get the "borders" again as just after WWII close to Berlin.

    But yeah what will Biden do? Will he "bend" for the Putin lovers in the GOP? So far, he's acting like an awful "weak" person as he always has been even under Obama.

    Sorry people that is not on how to run an country in these times. In the present world order you have to show an "back bone"

    I hope that in 2024 we get at least an person who "knows" how the present state of the world will affect us in an big way.

    Looking at our present "status" it is an "loosing" one. China and Russia will dictate the world, not us.

    The "turmoil" here will prevent us to be "leaders", so we slowly drown in our own created swamp with "incompetent" ego tripping people in our "broke" government. I guess you can thank the dumb ass people here who voted for an "spoiled rich kid" in the past who buddied up with "dictators" like Putin, Chi, Kim and other dangerous idiots in the world. And had lots of people killed because of it. Ask Khashoki and Epstein.

    And certain parts of this "stupid" country would like to have this dangerous idiot back in the W.House. I call this being "braindead". He is still "running "regardless" of his "past"; I declare that this country has lost its "marbles; he should have been in jail already a long time ago.

    With his "impeachments" he bought his way out of it, by bribing certain GOP/government members.

    But this dangerous idiot will never see "jail" because of our "missing laws" to be able to deal with "mafia" types as well our "crooked" lawyers who will find ways to get him of the hook.The present "indictment" is "peanuts" compared to all the other crimes he committed. He will always find ways to "pay/cheat" his way out.

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    Although President Xi still plans to visit, Putin's arrest by the International Criminal Court complicates the trip.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week highlighted China’s aspirations for a greater role on the world stage. But they also revealed the perils of global diplomacy: Hours after Friday's announcement of the trip, an international arrest warrant was issued for Putin on war crimes charges, taking at least some wind out of the sails of China's big reveal.

    U.S. President Joe Biden said Friday he believes the decision by the International Criminal Court in The Hague to charge Putin was “justified.” Speaking to reporters as he left the White House for his Delaware home, he said Putin “clearly committed war crimes.”

    While the U.S. does not recognize the court, Biden said it “makes a very strong point” to call out the Russian leader for his actions in ordering the invasion of Ukraine.

    The Biden administration believes China's desire to be seen as a broker for peace between Russia and Ukraine may be viewed more critically now that Putin is officially a war crime suspect, according to two U.S. officials. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the matter publicly, said the administration hopes the warrants will help mobilize heretofore neutral countries to weigh in on the conflict.

    Asked about the Xi-Putin meeting, Biden said, “Well, we’ll see when that meeting takes place.”

    Speaking before the ICC warrant was unveiled, Ukrainian analysts cautioned against falling into a potential trap ahead of the Xi-Putin meeting. “We need to be aware that such peace talks are a trap for Ukraine and its diplomatic corps,” said Yurii Poita, who heads the Asia section at the Kyiv-based New Geopolitics Research Network.

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    Thanks Arizona ( at least you write) Sure, your summary is correct. However Tuesday will tell the "tale" if this country has the guts to "fine" Trump. Furthermore Chi and Putin may not come to any "solution" to stop the war in the Ukraine, but China likely will give Putin "help", as long as it does not "hurt" China.

    Forget this country they don't know what they want, ask Greene, ha ha.

    Sorry but the US has lost its "marbles".

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    As "expected", I bet this thing as mentioned about Trump being "fined" yesterday will also be "dragged out" and die in the end. The usual way of doing things here. As long as our laws can be tinkered with because of not having an up to date "base law" and only some "case laws" then the "mafia" types will always find ways to escape "justice". Welcome to "la la land".

    In the meantime China and Russia can do as they like and toast to the "mess" here.