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Dangerous times

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    Lately the "stock market" keeps going "down and more "down. Especially due to "interest rate" increases by the Fed.

    Lots of companies are now laying off people; let alone are making an reasonable profit. Quite a few companies close their doors because of being "bankrupt" . If this downward slope continues, then the big blame can be found in having the total idiot of Powell running the Fed thinking he does the "right" thing. The "opposite" is true. As long as the employment "rates" are good don't tinker with the interest rates. He's slowly but surely ruining this country day by day. He "kills" the housing market as well his actions increases the un-employment rates. My guess is that Trump is "pushing him" in order that if Trump gets the "job" again, so that the GOP can say everything was "caused" by the Biden regime and they will "fix" it (for the rich) Stupidity "reigns" at present.

    I blame the "buddy hiring" process in the government and "voting" process with lots of corrupt "money" involved, which leads to getting plenty of "dumb asses" in the government spewing incompetence day after day.

    All of this will end in disaster for sure. Only Russia will benefit from it; especially if they will get their "buddy" Trump back in the saddle here. Amen

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    Yes "dangerous times". Things are getting out of hand in lots of places. Here the "banking" industry as well the stock market behaves like an yo yo; up and down; more down than up of course. In the Ukraine people are "murdered" now by Iranian made drones. Here weather wise, especially in California lots of damage caused by the present Pacific weather pattern.

    Then the loads of snow up north which will melt and will also cause flooding etc.

    Also the "government is an mess, because of the total "clash" between the "parties"; "stupidity" reigns in the GOP.

    I just wonder what the election in 2024 will look like, especially if the "idiot baby crook" Trump keeps running for the job.

    Yes the "real" fun is just starting.

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    Yes things look kind of weird. The "stock market" is recovering a bit today; I just question on how long this will last.

    Biden kind of shows his real "antique way" of governing and bends slowly in the GOP direction and is afraid of "hurting" them.Especially he "waffles" about the Ukraine help. Speeches alone don't change the GOP mentality or make them "think". He's still of the "old" clan who still thinks you can "work" with the GOP. Forget it; it is now another "breed".

    He let Trump "rally" all over the place, while he's for 100% an"criminal" who "rob's" our country for himself with the "help" of the "rich" here. Sorry Biden is "naive" and wants to stay the "nice" guy; however that does not work with the "idiots" who are now in the GOP. Ask "Greene, Jordan, Santos, and others in that "party".

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    The banking "crisis" affects the stock market just about all week. On top of that an US drone got hit by anRussian plane in the "black sea" which is an "international area". In the meantime the "carnage" in the Ukraine continues.

    So not much "positive" to report other than here inFL the sun did come back, but also lots of "snowbirds" did stay because of the weather up north, so the traffic here is horrible.

    But yeah in TX the "abortion" fight got an "crazy judge" who wants to "abort" the abortion pills country wide. Do me an favor and "abort" that judge. Women's bodies are their own and they should decide not an Republican "church" idiot who thinks he's "god". Amen

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    It was mentioned on TV that N.Korea has now intercontinental hypersonic missiles which can reach the US within the hour.

    I just wonder if China or Russia have the same. If so then this will become an even more dangerous world running like crazy to the "end" of it. Especially right now with "terrible" incompetent leaders all over the place it becomes kind of "scary". The GOP has no "brains" to realize what is going on on the "world" stage nor realize any consequences of "in-action" of the US.

    Chi will visit Putin next week, which could be the main "issue" in their meeting about the Ukraine War related to "assistance".

    If China actually gets involved, let's hope it does not escalate things for the Ukraine. WWIII could be around the corner faster than we think.

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    Things only get more crazy by the day; let alone our "politics". To the outside world it looks like an bunch of kids fighting for an lolly. Biden keeps himself busy with the "easy" things, instead of correcting the "chaos". Let alone that our zillion lawyers and "judges" keep twisting and turning, so in the end Trump will be able to continue as he likes. Sorry this country is not any better than the whole of S.America. I call this absolutely "la la land"; nothing here is "black and "white" . No "real" leadership available; it is alone about who can make money from it. Common sense is out of the window; all the brainless idiots keep popping out of the woodwork and make the mess only bigger, ask Jordan, Greene, Santos and other "dumb" asses.

    Sorry people all the "real" criminals are still running around "freely" because our "lawyers" (bought by Trump) can do as they like. The "action" related to "Stormy and Documents" will certainly end in the garbage pail and postponed forever, I bet! Legal "suits" against Trump will all hit an "brick" wall, due to that our outdated laws (which are full of convenient "holes/side tracks") which is very useful for the Mafia clowns we elect. Looking at who is running for 2024 then "none" of them are the "right" people for the job, especially now, while WWIII is around the corner. If the Ukraine looses then we will also be the losers on the world stage. Things look like similar to the start of WWI/ WWII.

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    Yes things are going worse instead of better.It showed on TV that the Russians are "harassing" the shipping in the Norwegian "waters" because of all the "cables and "pipe lines" on the sea's floor. Furthermore the Syrians launched missiles which killed one and injured other US soldiers who were stationed there.

    All the "turmoil" all over the world including here could lead to all kind of confrontation and escalate if we don't watch out.

    But Yeah, Santos and Greene will help to make it worse here. Biden is now in Canada, thus the GOP can feast as they like. Which indeed they are doing together with the January 6th "jail birds".