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Abortion freaks at it again

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    An "judge" in Texas want to take the "abortion pill"of the market; it must be another "fanatic" which himself should have been aborted. I don't know what his motivation is to even punish women even more than the idiots in the Supreme Court did. Iran is already in turmoil because of "weird leaders" believing in "ghosts" up there, who think they can determine the extend of "human life" on this awful tiny planet. Sorry people plenty of "ghosts" are made up by humans themselves throughout the century's and only caused havoc for the people or "death". For centuries certain "monster people" wanted control over women and their "birth" rights. But "humanity" will never learn that something "up there" does not "meddle in these things; humans themselves do!

    Sorry but this "judge" should deal only with "reality of life" but not what happens in the womb of woman; the women "own" it, not the stupid "church" indoctrinated judge. Wake up America, unless you want to become another Iran.

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    The judge was appointed by Trump. The ruling is already being appealed.
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    Thanks Arizona; This guy should be aborted; he must hate "women". How is it possible that such people become "judge".
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    I've got the feeling that all our representatives are either "bought" or not "screened" at all for the function. At least our "postmaster" bought his job with an million dollars. This "judge" got also his job via the Trump "lotto" .

    I must say lately all the "crooks" seem to float to the surface in our government, because "chaos" reigns, if you don't have an up to date Constitution. Our "zillion" lawyers here love it for sure the way it is.

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    I absolutely can't understand that such an large country as the US has such total" idiots" as "judges". The absolute "crazy religious nut head in TX keeps pushing for banning "abortions" which ever way, either with "pills" or in any clinic.

    This guy looking at the picture of him looks like an super indoctrinated type by some religious "sect". I always thought that "judges" should be impartial and would refrain from judging what is "in" an women's body. It is none of his business.

    But yeah since this country refuses to make "sound" laws for a lot of things, then we will continue on this terrible path.

    Sorry to say the Constitution is an piece of "antique" which never has been updated to reflect the world we live in now.

    Case laws are made at random and often cover the issues "half ass" or not at all. Just check our fantastic "gun" laws.

    But yeah our lawyers love it the way it is , because of the "money" they can make of it. The Supreme Court has also become totally "partisan" thus also "useless". Their position about Roe versus Wade is ruining hundreds of women's lives because of it. Keep the "church" out of "governing" do the correct "worldly" common sense things instead.

    Kind of strange that an "judge" meddles in the "pill" industry; when are they going to attack "aspirins"?.