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Tucker, Greene, McCarthy are dangerous idiots

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    Yes Greene wants an "civil war" stating that the "blue" and "red" States should be separated. Mc Carthy wants to release all the "Jan.6th documents" which Tucker got via him since he made "promises" to get the "job". And Tucker acts like an new "Goering" type.

    The GOP "circus" gets crazier by the minute. But yeah what is Biden doing about it? Once he got home from the trip he lost his "guts" which he showed in Europe. Has he been threatened?

    Wake up America; the "enemy" is within.

    In the meantime there is no solution for the "deficit" and the "stock market is "tanking" everyday. Guess who's helping it to go down day after day?

    Neither I see any "writers" on this site anymore, so in other words the Dem's here prefer to be "walked" over by the "brainless" GOP idiots here.

    Sorry this country is going down the drain in a hurry; I'm afraid 2024 will not be "kind" to the Dem's the way it looks now.

    Unless the Dem's show some "backbone" other than "talk" only.

    Everything which is happening now can be blamed on our "zillion" partisan lawyers who "manipulate" the Constitution or the "case laws" instead. Sorry , no wonder we get the Greene, Santos, McCarthy types in the government, because they are only busy to "undermine" the laws and "'integrity" of this country via "intimidation" and other "dishonest actions".

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    Some idiot Republican stated that in Florida they should get rid of the Democrats and have only the GOP run the "show"

    But yeah he was "serious" about it.

    Sorry people having an "two" party only system gets you what we have now. In the Netherlands they have just about 10 parties thus everyone is represented. Not that such works "better", but you don't get the "partisan" garbage as here, as well with only two parties who think "miles" apart. With the "system" here it gives only lots of "fights" but seldom it helps the country. Ego tripping is the national sport here. As well the "prestige" and "money" games.

    Also take the "money" out of elections, as more "honest" countries do. Everything here is "how much money did you raise by running", which is asking for corruption.

    If you let types like Musk because of the money bribe everyone; then we are not any better than the Congo.

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    But yeah I guess we will never learn and let the "chaos" continue; Just "elect" the criminal spoiled brat again that will work to change this country into and dictatorship. I guess this country will never get "uniformity" because people here seem to love the daily chaos. It is always the "play" with words and continuous "indoctrination" which runs the show. In most other countries I lived and worked in you barely heard or were confronted with the daily "garbage" as spewed here in the "media".

    No wonder that this country has the highest rates of "heart attacks" and "suicides" as well "mental" problems.

    An government should function properly without all the "hoopla" as here. That is what you get if you stick to an "system" which does not "function" as it should. Just having only "two" parties who are miles apart and an broken" election system" which only functions on "incompetence"and "greed" then it is no surprise you get the Trump types elected. Read the history of this dangerous idiot for a change. The whole election system needs an "overhaul" in order to get "qualified" people who "understand" the job and are not "ego trippers" . The "screening" process is laughable; in most States they likely vote because of "indoctrination" by the media for who they should vote; but seldom look at such person's "background" and "knowledge for the job. As long as how much "money"the candidate has raised is the main goal, forget integrity or knowledge for the job.

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    Yes people just look at the "stock market" it is down just about every day; The "depression" coming from it will not help this country. The peoples "debt" only gets bigger and bigger. How long can such last?

    On MSNBC all kind if "figures" try to explain the "why", but no one has the right answer. My answer is : there is way too much "manipulation". The "rich" here toss in "millions" and also toss thousands of stocks out at random. So again something which is not "controlled" as so many things here. The "little" man here is duped by this erratic behavior, but who cares? Also the "companies" who depend on their "stock" money, have an hard time "adjusting" their policies and production and staff all the time.

    But yeah Biden and his "gang" just go on having their "winter sleep" so I don't think they have the guts to streamline the system.