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Coincidence with Biden's trip?

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    Biden gave an great speech in Poland and the Ukraine. However the "stock market" here got "hit" today in a big way.

    My question is: Is there an "connection" related to Biden's visit? I belief so; I bet Putin and Trump still have contact and DeSantis goes his own stupid way, they certainly try to chop off the legs from under Biden by "nailing the "stock market" via their rich "buddies". Those "two" are extremely dangerous for sure, but the people here don't realize what these "two" are up to. Also Biden should have "fired" the Fed guy at the start of his tenure; he's in "bed" with Trump. Do we indeed want an Russian "culture" here with those "uneducated braindead ego tripping bullies"?

    Democrats wake up and don't fall for their "tricks and lies", unless you want also an Russian like "dictatorship", they want to close their eyes for Russia and China and their "dictatorship expansion" and do nothing to prevent such. I guess the GOP is too stupid to see that WWIII is around the corner if they don't watch out and let Russia "win", as long as Trump and DeSantis do win here, then the "rest of the world is not important to them; their "ego's "win" but not the country.