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Biden in the Ukraine and Poland

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    Biden gave an excellent speech today in Poland and before in the Ukraine. I wished only that he would do the same here against the GOP. I'm afraid that this "speech" will not be well received by Putin and neither by certain GOP members.

    Yes Biden is 100% correct about the "threat's" against "humanity" right now. I absolutely don't understand the GOP and their leaders that they don't see or want to see the consequences if Russia would win in the Ukraine. Actually they are "traitors in our "mid" who seldom want to take responsibility for their "ego-centric" "island" actions.

    If I was Biden I would sent that "bunch of traitors" to the Ukraine to see the things there with their own eyes.

    The GOP is terrible "naive" about the world around us; it shows. WWIII is closer than you think!

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    Not all the Republicans are crazy.

    There were actually 5 Republicans that made the trip to Poland.

    During his speech, Biden thanked Poland for taking in 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees, then turned to the United States. “The American people are united in our resolve as well,” he said. “All across my country, in big cities and small towns, Ukrainian flags fly from American homes. Over the past year, Democrats and Republicans in our United States Congress have come together to stand for freedom. That’s who Americans are, and that’s what Americans do.”

    The line drew applause, and indeed, five Republican lawmakers met with Zelenskyy in Kyiv today. Led by Representative Mike McCaul (R-TX), the new chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, they pledged their support for Ukraine.

    But extremist Republicans stand against continuing Ukraine aid. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and ten other Republican representatives recently introduced to Congress a “Ukraine Fatigue” resolution calling for an end to U.S. aid to Ukraine and urging “a peace agreement,” a position that accepts Russia’s invasion as legitimate.

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    Five(5) Republicans is "nothing" at all; they will be doing nothing against the "majority of "braindead" (95%) of GOP members. Sorry it is laughable that they think the GOP "dummies" here can get an "peace agreement". I guess they never studied "history" or "human nature". Sorry but Putin is the type who wants the "old" Soviet Union back as it was after WWII, but since the "dumb ass" GOP as it is now has no clue about the world around this "island", let alone about "human nature" and "history", then no wonder that they live in la la land far away from reality.

    As long as they maintain idiots as Greene and Santos as well plenty of other "idiots" who know nothing about the world then 5 members who just make an "outing" for the fun of it, does not change such "party" which lost their marbles.

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    At least Biden showed that he's an "leader" overseas. But at "home" he's like a "chicken" related to the GOP and their cronies. He does nothing at all to get the weirdo's and "idiots" out of the government; even an "Santos" managed to "stay" in place regardless of "lies" upon" lies".

    Kind of strange while "the GOP" want Biden "out" and an idiot as DeSantis or Trump back; Biden is an real "chameleon" in his actions. Of course Trump made the trip to the train wreck while Biden was away and surrounded himself with all the local Trumpers acting as President.

    In meantime the "stock market" is an total chaos "up and down" . Also the guy who had the "Crypto money/hedge fund" which went "bankrupt" via the Bahama's, donated millions to a "certain party" for the election of likely an GOP crook.

    Yes sorry to say this country is going down the drain just like any S.American country.

    As long as "money" drives "elections" then the "corruption wins. I've said so many times in the past: " Take the "money" out of elections (as other civilized countries do) and get "candidates" who are serious about the "job" for the "best" for the "country, but not for their own "wallet" and "ego's". As long as this country keeps this stupidity in place forget then "honesty" or getting an "qualified" person as President. Amen