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Train wreck DeSantis

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    Yes this total idiot downplays Biden's visit to the Ukraine. What Biden did is as it should be; an very strong signal to Russia that we are "uniform" and support the Ukraine. Undermining him right now shows only were DeSantis is made from. He's just an un-educated GOP bully who likes to run this country. This dumb ass guy knows nothing of the world or studied "history" of the "world" . Do we really want such an "ego tripper" without "brains" or lack of "experience" for the job? Nor has an "open" mind" on how things work "outside" the US, which will have huge "consequences" for "everyone" in this present world.

    The Ukraine right now will determine if we will get WWIII , yes or no. DeSantis has no clue at all what "Russia" is all about and what Putin's "goal" is. Anyone in the GOP who stands with Putin is an "traitor"; yes DeSantis is one of them for sure.

    Only "unity" and an "solid" policy can stop WWIII. Not hanging out the asshole "bully" as DeSantis does. Amen.