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Train wrecks

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    Again an huge train accident. I guess they will never learn here; how many of these types of disasters have we had in the past? Why not the same "rules" as with "aviation", where you can't overload "planes" etc. How often do we have these "accidents" compared to the rest of the world?

    The only solution is : 1) have an constant inspection of the rails; some of which are 50 years old or more. 2) have a maximum about 10 freight cars attached to the locomotive. 3) Have an inspection on all the wheels and "rolling" material before an train is cleared to depart. Have an special training for the train operator and his co-horts about preventing accidents like this. 4) If dangerous material is transported, then at every "stop" an inspection should be done; even before the original departure the "weight" of each rail car should not exceed a certain limit. Don't forget our rail system is very old and worn out over years an years with too heavy uncontrolled loads. Most "wheels" and "flanges" on it are worn out over time ; also "age "fatigue" plays an role as well the rails get "loose" and can't hold the extreme heavy loads. Neither are the "wooden" beams under the rails checked for "age" and replaced in time. the Trains etc. should follow similar rules as for any "transport" either "planes, trucks, cars etc.


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    Again nothing is done to "prevent" these train disasters. The only thing I hear is about "compensation". No one has made "rules" or "laws" to make these transports save. There should be an timely "inspection on all the "wheel carriers" as well the "aging of the rails" and rail support. Treat is as we do with "aircraft"; mandatory "periodic inspection on all the moving parts.

    All the wheels should have an serial "number" as well an "date of in service" ; after an determined number of "cycles/ periods" they should be replaced. But I bet that does not happen.

    Most of the rails are 50 years old or older; let alone the wooden "support beams" which may be rotten.

    But yeah the "money" part has all the attention, not the safety or consequences.