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The escalating mess in the world

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    More and more unrest in Haiti and Middle America. While in Turkey the number of deaths because of the earthquake is increasing and still "living" people are found under the rubble. In the meantime the Russians keep "flattening" the Ukraine and killing innocent people and the world looks on and does nothing to stop this brutal carnage, because of the "nukes" they have.

    At home they have no time for "worldly things and are too busy to get an selection of candidates for 2024.

    So far as I see none of the "candidates" are suited for the job since they don't have any "international" education about the world around this "island" and understand the "wrongs" in this world related to economics and "behavior" (except Obama who had international experience), as well have to work with our "stupid" non-updated law system, which takes forever to "convict" our criminals like Trump and his "cohorts" who know on how to "manipulate the "system". Sorry, our election system does not "screen properly" any candidate BEFORE such person runs or wants to run.

    If you look at how Trump got elected, knowing his "family background" and his "spoiled brat" upbringing, then such person never should be able to run, let alone for the "second" time after all kinds of "criminal" behavior, even "stealing" "classified" government documents and be in bed with "dictators" like Kim and Putin as well Saudi' leaders who helped him to get rid of Khashoki. Looking at Nikki Haley she was on very "friendly terms" with Trump and got the "job" she had at the UN via this guy.

    Sorry all of this shows that this country is not any better than any S.American country. Except to the outside world they act like they are "superior" in "governing" but are absolutely not. "Money" is the "king" here, not "brains or decency or "proper laws" (the"gun" laws here are an excellent example of "getting" lots of people killed) etc.etc.

    Also it takes forever to "convict" people here, like it takes "years" with an "zillion" crooked lawyers and "partisan judges" to convict anyone let alone "criminal" Presidents ; except for the "middle/lower class people they are thrown in jail in no time at all. Trump is still raking in the "dough" and is running for President again, an total joke for sure.

    Sorry, this country has no shame at all. Let alone "proper working laws" and "decent honest non partisan lawyers".