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The GOP circus

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    They are very busy to get Biden impeached for the "documents" found in some of his old "offices". The way I look at it is, that Trump is behind all of this and had these doc's "dropped/planted" there "after" Trump's tenure and likely were originally at Mar-a-Lago.. The "timing" is obvious and planned by the GOP and Trump.

    Further more the idiot Santos is now difficult to remove because such should have been done before he took the "oath". Stupid as hell, now the "guy" only cost taxpayer money to get him out.

    Biden claimed this morning that the "economy" is doing fine and that price escalation is going down. He should be friends with Santos because it is an lie. If I go to the Publix the prices of food remain sky-high, also the "gas" at the pump are still high. So Biden also lives in la la land in this case.

    But yeah, the Russians don't care and keep on killing and destroying.

    What a world we live in nowadays.

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    You may want to buy your groceries at a different store.

    Publix heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli donated $150,000 to the Rule of Law Defense Fund to promote the January 6 riot.

    • Fancelli was a top donor for the rally, contributing over $300,000, according to documents obtained by the Washington Post.

    • Fancelli's $150,000 funded a robocall encouraging people to go to Washington, DC, and "march to the Capitol building."

    The daughter of the founder of the Publix grocery store chain and the top funder of the January 6 rally in Washington that preceded the riot at the US Capitol, donated $150,000 to a Republican attorneys general group to help fund the pro-Trump protest, according to a published report.

    The nonprofit Rule of Law Defense Fund, with help from Julie Jenkins Fancelli, the heiress of Publix, financed a robocall touting a march to the US Capitol to "call on Congress to stop the steal," a reference to debunked claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, according to records reported by the Washington Post.

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    I consider Publix an awful managed store especially their "veggies" are mostly old and musty. Also they are an "religious" club with weird holiday closings. Mostly we go to Target or Fresh Market. But anyway I guess this country is never going to learn the facts of life as well have no idea of how to "govern" with the outdated Constitution and Amendments.

    Sorry to say looking at the Biden "document" issue, it is so "obvious" what games are being played. Nothing here is solid and straight forward. For instance if you have "top secret documents" then they should all have an "code number" and listed in an file, so if listed and recorded in sequence and subject then you know what is missing. If someone has access to it then it has to be signed out and sign back in ( just like any library does with their books). A kid can even design this.

    Sorry this country is an total joke and an political "circus". That is what you get if their is no discipline nor "any "common sense" in governing here at all. How can you accept an "liar" into the Government, instead of "rejecting" such person in the first place. Now it cost the "taxpayer" lots of money to "remove" this idiot. The world and surely Russia are amazed about what is happening here. I bet Putin is not missing any documents.

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    We all shake out heads at the crazy people now in charge in the House of Representatives.

    What they have not figured out yet is the saying, "be careful what you wish for".

    The Washington Post this morning printed an article that explains how their "weaponization committee" can be turned against them.

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    Yes, there will come much more of it. Brains seem to be optional here. These "documents" must have been "planted all over the place and came from Mar-a-Lago, I'm sure of it. Also Biden is guilty i.e. how can , anyone come in his garage and drop these documents there, without any alarms or camera's? As President you should protect yourself for these things.

    Anyway this country has lost its marbles a long time ago; everything here is done "ad-hoc" and is asking for troubles.

    If our "laws" would be up to date and the screening of "candidates" would be done properly and if there would be an "manual" of what an President's "limits" are and how "documents" (and our "nukes") should be protected, as well that any candidate ( including "leaders") who the States want to sent to Washington should be throughly screened and tested "before" getting an office and salary. No wonder because nothing seems to be "black" and "white" in the "paperwork" or "actions" of our "elected" bunch of idiots inWashington. No wonder that our "lawyers" earn "zillions!!

    Sorry this country is laughable all the way!!! Biden get an "watchdog" or an "pittbull" to protect your cozy dwelling(s) please.

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    The circus continues; I can't understand that Biden on all his properties has no camera's or other protection devises. Furthermore, if I would have such documents I would not leave these in the "garage" or another place. Also if I would have "stolen" these, then after the Trump "thefts" were known, I would make sure I would not have these "documents" laying around. The whole thing sounds so utterly "stupid", because as President and Vice President you should have for all your properties the best protection you can get. But yeah even Pelosi did not have the protection she should have had and her husband got attacked at their home. I bet, even an Jordan likely makes sure he can't be attacked and protects himself.

    I absolutely don't understand that the government has no sound system to guard these documents from "theft". Even Presidents should "sign out" and "sign back in", if they absolutely need these for an "solid" purpose which they have to prove beforehand.

    Thus in other words in all of this "stupidity" reigns. In the Netherlands they say :" High trees catch the most wind" so be aware of that. Amen

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    I forgot to mention other things which I think were not mentioned at all on the news.

    First of all the documents found, how "old" are they? Are they still of the time Biden was still the VP? Second of all, were they "mixed" in with other documents? Who or what or whom "moved" these to Biden's residence(s) ; was this during his "tenure" or when Trump was in power? If they were from the Obama President-cial period, then are they still "classified" or not? Third, Why did the National Archives not react about missing "documents" or were they not "registered"?

    Anyway whichever you look at it , it shows that our government is not capable to keep these documents sealed and locked up.

    Even an normal library can do it, but not our government. Unbelievable; it looks like a bunch of unschooled children.

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    The Dutch Prime Minister visited Biden; But Biden did not want to say anything to the reporters about the "documents".

    In the meantime the Dutch promised more assistance for the Ukraine, but Putin just keeps on killing innocent people and the world stands by and does little to get rid of the Putin regime.

    But yeah the present GOP does not care and have as sole objective to "nail" Biden and the Dem's.

    So this year starts as an disaster for the country; the "stock market" is an reflection of the "politics" played here.

    Sorry to say, the world around us looks at amazement at this country on how it is governed by a bunch of incompetent clowns. Amen

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    The GOP set up the "leaders" for "groups" of investigators to check the wrongdoing(s) by the Dem's. All the "idiots" they could find got the "job" such as "Greene" "Jordan" "Gosar" etc. I guess McCarthy got his "job" by rewarding these idiots.

    So I guess it will be an "wild" spring event; let the fun start while the country is "broke".

    I wrote about this before; it is an "downhill" slope for this country continuing on this path.

    Biden acts like nothing is going on behind his back. Sorry but where are the "brains" here; certainly not in the "government.

    The "stockmarket" shows clearly that there is lack confidence in this country going forward. Amen

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    The "crazies" in the GOP did already sent an list to the DOJ what they and Jordan will "investigate. The DOJ gave as answer that they will not comply with their wishes. Now the "debt ceiling" has been reached and extended to at least June, then in the meantime the "idiots" likely will "fabricate all kind of things to "nail" the Democrats, instead of doing good for the people here..

    Looking at the last few days. then I'm of the opinion that the "real" fun is still to come.

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    In the meantime the "craziness" around Biden's "houses" continue. They found again some documents, dated when Biden was the V.P under Obama. The whole thing is idiotic. First of all how did those Documents got there? The stupidity is even if Biden took those, why not save them in an "safe box" at the bank. Second why have those in the "garage"? I don't save my documents there either. Something "smells" with an bad garage odor . Unless Biden did not use his "brains"; but yeah if they were "planted" there, then it means he had no camera's or other protection at such house?. How come the FBI or others could do an "search" at different days without an "warrant"? Also Biden himself was not "home" so who gave the "permission" to search the property over and over again? After the first search, if he would have known about "other" documents why did he not either destroy or put these in an "safe" at the bank, before the next search? Anyway why did the US archives not call him about missing documents if the were registered; if not registered then the President residing at such time made mistakes by not doing so to have these officially registered. Anyway it showed that our government is an huge "paper" mess. as well have no "discipline" at all in their higher functions.
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    The "circus" continues. The latest is that they searched "Pence's house" in Indiana and found a dozen documents there also.

    Wow this "happening" looks like the "candyman" who throws his candy around.

    To me it looks like if Trump made sure he got rid of the stuff by "parking" it at his "adversaries" places.

    What a country!!!

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    I just wonder if this "stupidity ever will end. No "discipline" anywhere in the government, especially related to the "higher" positions. In the meantime more idiots rise to the "top", like Lindell who's the "pillow" freak, who wants an top position in the GOP party.

    Neither is "Santos the cross dresser" sent out of the door of the Capitol.

    Sorry the "world" around us looks at "amazement" at this; "love those guns" and love the "idiots" who run this country.

    Most of my past "memo's say "la la land"; yes it is even worse than that. I guess Pence and Biden should go to church more often; that helps this country for sure. Please bring a bunch of more "barf buckets".

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    Looking at the present "state" of our government, then I'm wondering how long can such last. There must be somewhere an"educated" brain who sets things straight. However looking at the "quality" of anyone running for 2024 it looks awfully meager and not the quality we need. On the Dem's side, I believe Biden has been too weak and has taken no action at all against the "nutheads" in the GOP, let alone stop the Trump'ers with their big mouths and "tricks". So I guess the "elections in 2024 will be "chaos" for sure, unless the people here wake up from their "Covid" mental damage.

    At least related to "top secret" documents Trump got his revenge. If there is more missing, then likely the Russians have it. Ha ha. What a country!!!

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    It seems now that the "people" who did the searches on the Biden properties were sent by Trump to do the search.

    Thus I would not be surprised if these "search" people themselves "planted" these documents. I doubt if Biden would have put these in his garage; so likely the "search" people did "plant" them there.

    I wonder if the DOJ has the brains to "dig" into this. But yeah "brains are "optional nowadays.

    Also I wonder about Biden's own "protection" if he just allowed to have such search done by not controlling "who" they were as well their "license" to do so.