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GOP start of this year can't be worse.

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    I guess 2023 will have an rough start. The GOP wants to "first" investigate" Biden's finances" , because Trump's "finances" were investigated. It are just little school children who reverse everything what applies to them.

    Also they make sure that the "investigating" committee's have no Dem's in them. Sorry but tis country has become an huge joke. I guess they also want to cut "social security" as well the cut the budget for the "defense", not realizing that such will please Russia so that they can continue to "murder" and "erase" the Ukrainians.

    Stupidity "reigns" at the present; that is what you get if every "idiot" can get an position" in our government. The "ultra right" can then win and rob you blind and fill the pockets of the rich crooks here and in Russia. What a country!!!

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    So lets have another "committee" to investigate Biden. Cost of course "nothing" and sure does not helps the "taxpayer".

    I guess they rather play these games instead of making this an better and more "honest" country. Only the lawyers here get rich from it to sort out the "mess" in the government.

    What does the GOP do for the "common" people who just work and pay their taxes? All they do is feed the rich and crooks, but everyone here thinks this is normal on this weird "island". The more B.S. the more "money" is pocketed by the "idiots" who got elected by spewing B.S.. Sorry I've never seen anywhere in the world a more "gullible" country as this.

    It seems that in at least half of the 50 States have no "education" at all and sent the most "ignorant idiots" to Washington.

    Looking at past weeks, I get the impression that "nothing" here is straightforward and "honest". The "bullies" and "liars" are winning, instead of "serious" well "educated" people.

    I travelled the whole world and worked in all kind of cultures, some bad and some good, but living here opened my eyes about what this "island" country stands for. They are champions in mis-representation in the world ; the "migrants" at our border think this is "paradise" ; once here they'll have an horrible awakening waiting them. It is here; the more you lie and cheat the higher you get on the "ladder" and the "money will come "automatically" flowing your way.

    Unbelievable how 50 States can make such a mess of trying to live on this tiny planet. No wonder the "heart attack rate" here is the highest in the world . If you look at the "yo yo's" in the government then I mostly ask, how in"hell" did these idiots got into the government in the first place. Ask yourself on how an Trump got there?