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6 year old shoots teacher

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    Yes indeed this happened in VA. She survives but it only shows how far this country has sunk. I guess the blame is likely the "parents" who allowed this kid to have access to this weapon. At least this country with its "leaders" are to blame.

    As long as the "government" does not "ban" these weapons" all together then this "fun" will continue.

    But yeah I guess the McCarthy party will do nothing now they are in "charge". The priority will be to take the weapons away from the Ukrainians instead of the "gun lovers" and "kid's" here.

    Brains are from now on "optional" and not needed.

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    Now an Oklahoma girl of 12 years old stabbed her 9 year old brother who died afterwards at the hospital.

    Yes the present "mental" health situation here is getting worse; I think the GOP politics as well present world changes are helping it to expand. The TV and media are the wrong tools to raise kids.

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    The parents of the 6 year old COULD be charged - but only as a misdemeanor.

    Before police revealed the gun was legally purchased by the 6-year-old’s mother, Andrew Block, an associate professor at the University of Virginia Law School, told CNN there was a scenario where the parents could be held criminally liable if the weapon belonged to them and they did not keep it properly locked up. But in Virginia, that’s only a Class 1 misdemeanor, Block said

    Don't forget, though, the Virginia is where the NRA is headquartered.

    As recently as November, 3 students were killed at the University of Virginia, the same school where more than 2 dozen were killed more than a decade ago.