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6 year old shoots teacher

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    Yes indeed this happened in VA. She survives but it only shows how far this country has sunk. I guess the blame is likely the "parents" who allowed this kid to have access to this weapon. At least this country with its "leaders" are to blame.

    As long as the "government" does not "ban" these weapons" all together then this "fun" will continue.

    But yeah I guess the McCarthy party will do nothing now they are in "charge". The priority will be to take the weapons away from the Ukrainians instead of the "gun lovers" and "kid's" here.

    Brains are from now on "optional" and not needed.

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    Now an Oklahoma girl of 12 years old stabbed her 9 year old brother who died afterwards at the hospital.

    Yes the present "mental" health situation here is getting worse; I think the GOP politics as well present world changes are helping it to expand. The TV and media are the wrong tools to raise kids.

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    The parents of the 6 year old COULD be charged - but only as a misdemeanor.

    Before police revealed the gun was legally purchased by the 6-year-old’s mother, Andrew Block, an associate professor at the University of Virginia Law School, told CNN there was a scenario where the parents could be held criminally liable if the weapon belonged to them and they did not keep it properly locked up. But in Virginia, that’s only a Class 1 misdemeanor, Block said

    Don't forget, though, the Virginia is where the NRA is headquartered.

    As recently as November, 3 students were killed at the University of Virginia, the same school where more than 2 dozen were killed more than a decade ago.

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    Now an woman of about 28 shoots 3 teachers and 3 little kids in an Christian private school which she attended years ago.

    Love those guns and the "mental" condition in this country.

    But yeah, it seems to be impossible to make gun laws here which "work". It shows clearly now that the "governing" part of the country is incapable of protecting the people here and is bogged down by an "criminal GOP party" refusing to protect the people here .

    It should be Biden's "job" to write "proper laws" if the Government it self can't/refuses to initiate proper laws because of the "gun" lobby. He has the task by "executive order" to do so. At least "try".

    Get rid of these guns, as other countries do, so we get more "peaceful" and an "normal" country . Rewrite/delete the "second amendment" to reflect "reality" of our present "guns" and "weapons" and killings by it. Sorry this is the only country in the world, who get screwed by our own law system and a zillion useless lawyers. Make the Constitution and Amendments one "living" document which is easy to update daily, by "less" money hungry lawyers.

    Stupidity reigns here because of the convoluted/outdated "paperwork" of around 1776. Sorry but we live in "different times"

    Sorry, the "truth" hurts.

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    The obvious question is why is a person who is receiving treatment for an emotional disorder able to buy a gun?

    The attacker who killed six people at a small Christian school in Nashville had been receiving treatment for “an emotional disorder” and hid several weapons from their parents before opening fire, police said Tuesday.

    The parents thought 28-year-old Audrey Hale “should not own weapons” and wrongly believed Hale had sold the only one they owned, according to John Drake, the Nashville police chief. But the shooter had legally purchased seven guns at five local gun stores, Drake said, and on Monday morning used three of them to attack their former school, killing three small children and three adults.

    While the attacker left behind what Drake called a “manifesto,” he said investigators are still trying to determine what could have motivated the massacre at the Covenant School, an academy within a Presbyterian church that averages about 200 grade-school students.

    Tennessee just LOOSENED their gun laws.

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    Nuts, no one here is tested for "mental" soundness; neither the "shooter" when she bought those guns.

    The "thing" what is wrong in this country, is its "system" of "laws". Even Australia can "ban" those guns, but not here, because of our "outdated "second amendment". How many more "kids' and "others" have to be killed before "common sense" gets into the brains here? Why can other countries "ban" guns in their countries, but not in this "braindead society"

    In Europe people with "mental" disorders, get "treatment" but seldom here, because this society has so much "import" who also are not checked for mental health when entering the country either. Neither do lots of people here have "coverage" or "money" to get mental help. Ask Trump, he's also an "mental patient"

    Yes it is an "cultural problem" of the "corrupted system" here by a "zillion" corrupt lawyers, because our law system the way it is, never will catch up with "reality" of life on this tiny planet. Do as other countries do; make the "base law" an living document and dump the second amendment. As well if there are "killings" by "guns", fine the producers and manufacturers and "stores/illegal imports" etc. as well the NRA with huge amounts.

    Another solution is to make an "amendment to the second amendment" stating that anyone who shoots an other "human" being with their guns in this civil society gets automatically "life" in prison. (an court should decide if it was "self defense" or not) But yeah the best solution is to do as most other countries did; "ban" any guns from anyone, except the police and secret service. Having guns for "hunting" is an poor excuse; only certain people should get an hunting "license" which should be very limited for an defined use and only valid for an short period. ( only "shot gun" use should be allowed, not AR 15 types of guns etc.) It is time they get "brains" in this country; how many people and "kids" have to be killed before someone uses their "brains" in this government? Sorry, but only the "uneducated part" of the country elected the NRA lovers into the government.

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    DeSantis wants to turn back the "gun laws" in FL; carry without an "permit" ? Sorry but do we really want this "dumb ass idiot" as President who knows nothing about the world around us?

    He lost his case against Disney; Eiger happens to be a lot smarter than him.

    Even Donald Duck is smarter.