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    The last time that it took the House of Representatives more than one time to elect a new Speaker of the House was 100 years ago - in 1923.

    Around the time of the Civil War, it took 2 months and 133 votes to do the same.

    Kevin McCarthy failed in three attempts yesterday.

    The leading Democrat, Hakeem Jeffries, actually got more votes than McCarthy.

    McCarthy is being held captive by 20 extremist members of the Freedom Caucus, and the load of pizzas that he ordered last night is unlikely to change their mind.

    Regardless who eventually get elected, the House will be in utter chaos for the next two years. By 2024, the American public will be tired of the nonsense, and put the Democrats in charge of the House again.

    Dame Judi Dench summed up the situation perfectly in 2010:

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    Arizona, Yes I looked at amazement at this "circus". If the rest of the world saw this "craziness" then they should know by now that "stupidity" reigns here. Indeed an clown show with little children. Thus in other words, if you do it "once" and do it again then the in-between time can be used to "buy" votes by manipulation or "promises". It shows how "corrupt" our government is. Nothing is straight forward or "honest". The Russians "love" all of this for sure that will be the result.

    I guess there is no shame at all here. I've never seen such in any other "civilized" country; why don't we copy Canada; then we have less turmoil with idiots who were "bought" during the election of them.

    Wake up America your system of "governing" is "corrupt" and absolutely outdated. Time will tell but this can't last.

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    First of all the problem lies by using an old British "system" which does not work in England either as is proven over and over ask Cromwell. The rest of the European countries stayed away from it; the same as Canada. Thus as long as we still stick to the "clothed cream cheese mentality" then forget any "common sense" in governing. So do as Canada did i.e. have an Constitution which is "up to date" every day and not an old piece of parchment with Amendments which Amendments are neither up to date. But yeah as long as the 50 States here do sent "idiots" to Washington who are not screened properly or know "nothing" about the world or studied "common sense" then forget an Government which can do their task properly. Jordan or Greene types only make things worse due to lack of "world wide education". Sorry people it is an combination of "wild growth" of the outdated "system" as well the not proper screening of candidates. On top of that the hoards of "partisan" lawyers as well the "money" game. Elections should be "without money" and "political games" of the zillion lawyers we have. Get rid of Presidents and replace such by an "Prime Minister" with an "normal" salary. As well limit the powers of Presidents; it never should be "King" Trump types. The "parliament" should decide, not the "King" here. The "game" here now is to "govern" without an proper working system, but only what is in it for "me" and how can I "screw" the government; "ego trippers galore". Thus just go on with this "circus" until this country collapses under its own stupidity. In the meantime Putin has has free play to murder innocent people and this country does not even blink.
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    The GOP is now up to 11 files votes to elect a speaker, even after McCarthy make more concessions to the batshit crazy wing of the party, also known as the Freedom Caucus.

    If the GOP was smart, they would bypass both McCarthy and Steve Scalise, and nominate Hakeem Jeffries - even though he is a Democrat.

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    Sure you are right, however as long as the "system" can be "manipulated" and screwed over by all kind of ego tripping idiots. then forget an normal working government who works for the people instead for their own "gains" .

    It is the outdated manipulated British "system which are the nails in this rotten coffin.

    Sorry this country is only for the "me, me only" mentality and is stuck in the self created mud with the blinders on. "Money" and "religion" don't work together as history has shown over and over again. Learn from it for a change. WWIII is around the corner, because we let "dictators" have it their way, so in-fighting and "stupidity" will only hasten the end of the world. Wake up America, others on this tiny planet may look in horror on how this country is run and take advantage of it.

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    It's long past time for Kevin McCarthy, or somebody, to "put on the big boy pants", and simply expel the 20 holdouts from Congress.

    Whichever Republican finally manages to scrape together enough votes to become House speaker will likely find it nearly impossible to run the chamber, given the power of the recalcitrant GOP minority. Unless, that is, this person wields the power that any parliamentary party leader has: the power to expel members from the party caucus.

    The United States does not have this practice, but it could adopt it. House Republican rules permit the conference to expel members on a two-thirds vote of the membership. Expulsion would cost a member their seat on all committees, as committee membership is determined by recommendations from the party caucuses. It would also essentially remove their ability to influence the party leadership, making them powerless to do anything except vote on the floor.

    Ninety percent of House Republicans want Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), whom the caucus already selected as its leader, to become speaker. The renegades are saying they will not play ball with the others and will keep holding out until the majority of the party backs down on their demands. That runs contrary to the spirit necessary for any large party to remain together.

    The 20 or so GOP holdouts have effectively said they belong to a different political party. The new speaker should make clear that he and his colleagues will treat them as such if they continue acting against the interests of the Republican Party.

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    Arizona , regardless if they would be able to do as you suggested, the "mess" is here to stay, because of our broken "election system". As long as the election system allows "money" in the system and "members" are being "bought" i.e. how much money you can raise, but "qualifications" are not needed, then you get today's situation. "brains" are optional here. Neither any of the candidates are properly "screened"; an "oath" for the job means nothing either anymore; you can lie all day long and the "system" accept such. Furthermore sitting all day and do votes over 20 times, only creates more corruption and "promises" which can't be kept. Even Trump got on the "ballot" and other idiots. Sorry an total joke.

    In the meantime the Russians have their hands free to kill as many Ukrainians as possible. I guess there is no shame here.

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    McCarthy finally got elected as speaker on the 15th vote, after granting major concessions to the hard right wing of the party.®i_id=103711927&segment_id=121868&te=1&user_id=c8566d50a82c86e33a2479465cf7f317

    It will be an ugly two years as long as the Freedom Caucus is still in power.

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    As I've said so many times; " if you invite "incompetent" people who are "bought with hoards of "money" in the government and have an "backwards looking system" and an not up to date Constitution with very few Amendments (which also are not updated) and only "Case laws" to fix things afterwards, then no wonder the "machine" runs amok.

    Spending an whole week to "vote" is "kindergarten" work. Sorry this 200 year old "cart" is beyond repair.

    And this country still thinks it is "number one" in the world? Yes, in stupidity and "corruption". Amen

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    Theodore Roosevelt famously said this:

    “If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

    That is precisely the position that the Democrats have when it comes to Kevin McCarthy.

    With McCarthy leading a House with the slimmest of margins, and a caucus that is far from united behind him and itching to depose him, the GOP leader will be walking a tightrope for the next two years if he lasts that long.

    After handing his GOP critics a concession that would allow them to demand he vacate the chair, McCarthy will be feeling pressure from both sides.

    As Vox's Li Zhou wrote, "McCarthy’s agreement to weaken the role of the speaker is likely to lead to extreme gridlock within the ranks of the GOP. But it could also present an opening for Democrats. If far-right lawmakers in the GOP follow through on their promises to hold up pivotal spending and debt ceiling legislation, Republicans may well have to rely on Democrats’ help to get any bills across the finish line — a dynamic Democrats could capitalize on."

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    Yes good comments. But I'm afraid that the "serious" things will become bogged down. For instance if they manage to stop the aid to the Ukraine, then we will have WWIII in no time.

    Also the "coup" in Brazil means that there due to influence from Trump and his cohorts, the world around us is changing rapidly. Are we prepared? I doubt it.

    Sorry to say the coming 2 years will be an wild ride for sure. Let's hope we get at least some more writers on this site.