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Happy New Year!

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    To all the still writers and "readers" of course an Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!! My only wish is that we get more writers with opinions about the politics here and idea's to make this an better run country without all the B.S. we have now. As I wrote in another "thread" what is going on in this world as well the "horrors" committed in the Ukraine, which will have its effect worldwide, then the US should realize that if the Ukraine looses this conflict, then the whole world be affected by it. So 2023 will be the year which will determine if "peace" can be achieved or not. If this "war" carries on and the GOP want no longer to help this country, then I fear that WWIII is closer than you may think. So 2023 will be either positive or an total disaster if "braindead people" with the "blinders" on here get it their way. Let's hope that our next President understands the world around us and has got the right mentality and knowledge as well "staff" who are "educated" and have integrity and "knowledge" to do their jobs. But yeah I doubt it because of the "games" being played between both parties, wich will not help to get the one's with brains to move up the "ladder". 2023 will show if this country can be an example for the world or it sinks to the S. American levels of having an "dictatorship" as goal. If an Trump or another Trump "type" is elected then forget this country on the world "map". Amen

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    Yes, It is now January 1; so again I wish everyone an great New Year , hopefully we get more "brains" in the government, but I fear the opposite is the case. I bet the "circus" will become just about the worst in our history. Especially if the GOP curtails our help to the Ukraine, since they have the "island" mentality and can't think beyond our borders. If so then Putin will get what he wants; WWIII will then be around the corner for sure. Sorry stupid GOP, then you will pluck the fruits from it and your castles will be "nuked". It sounds somber but we need "leadership" and "brains" to weather the Russian onslaught.

    Sorry to say the GOP never wants to look ahead "world wise" but is only interested to help to make the "rich" richer. They would love to have an Putin type in power here.

    So 2023 will be an tough year with lots of consequences.