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The lame duck year 2023

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    It is obvious that all kind of "figures" are very busy protecting Trump and his "buddies". Therefore our "lame" justice system takes their time to have Trump "charged (or wipes it clean?) with all the crimes he committed. The January 6th committee is trying hard to convince the DOJ of all the facts. But these GOP "chicken" guys may take another year to do anything at all. Especially now the GOP takes over in January then this element of the "agenda" will disappear in the government "fog". The crooked lawyers here will make sure of that, but at least fill their pockets by stretching things out. Biden rather gives an nice "church" talk in his winter sleep and knows that he will be an "lame duck" in the new year. So the New year will be an "chaos" year for sure; an Greene and Jordan will make good use of it. What a country. Amen
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    Trump's tax return's are now "public"; it shows large "anomalies" per year. Also it looks like the IRS absolutely did not do its work even if it was "mandatory". So I've got the feeling that these people were either threatened or "bought".

    If I miss an "quarter" on my tax returns then they know how to find me, but yeah people like Trump and "others" are likely "god's in their eyes.

    The "new" guy Santos follows in Trump shoes doing the same as Trump i.e. "lie" and "cheat". The total, stupidity is that he likely still will be "inaugurated" regardless of what we know about this idiot. Where are the brains here? Wake up Biden stop this nonsense once and for all.!!

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    Now the "voting "circus" is over then the real "circus show" can start. So what will the idiots do first? Throw Biden under the bus? Or stop the "help" to the Ukraine, so Putin will love this? I think they will "block" everything good for the country and the world for the next 2 years. I bet the "economy" will "tank" because of it as well due to lack of insight or "brains" as well lack of "common sense" in an changing world.

    Congratulations America how low can you sink? The "mentality" here will only get worse because of it; the game will be "grab" and "go";and the "me, me only factor", certainly not : What is good for all the people here and of course the world.

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    Indeed the 2023 "circus is an roaring success; Lots of mass killings, lots of idiots who now run our government, as well the Documents" saga which gets bigger by the day. In the meantime also the "debt" limit has been reached and no one blinks.

    In the Ukraine things are not getting better soon either. Games are being played about delivering "tanks" etc.

    The stock market is also an mess and has their up's and lots of "downs".

    Let alone the "industry" here who is laying off people by the thousands.

    In the meantime Biden has its winter sleep as always and "escape's the mess" using the "big" plane. Amen