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The "cold"

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    Yes the whole country is enjoying an "cold blast" which will have its effect on peoples life's and well being.

    Especially the "migrants" are suffering while sleeping on the sidewalks in TX. Also in the Ukraine they are suffering in the cold and get bombed by the Russians on top of it. In Afghanistan the "women" are no longer allowed to go to school; so keep them stupid. In Iran the women get shot or hung if they want freedom. Thus the world is not "peaceful at all right now.

    So lots of people have an "horrible" X-Mas and New year; so be happy if you have "warmth" and an roof above your head. But yeah lots of Americans are greedy and seem to want an dictatorship by "bullies and "rich" crooks as an copy of the Putin regime. Therefore the X-Mas message should be, is to be happy of what you have and don't drive this country into an "dictatorship" the coming years by listening to the GOP un-educated crooks here who don't care about this country, but only for their own wallet. "Money" is the "god" here, not "education" about trying to live on this tiny planet for all the ant like humans in an decent way.