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Merry X-Mas

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    To all the readers and the couple of writers, I like to wish you an Merry Happy X-Mas and I hope that the New Year will be an better one than this year as well hope we get some more realistic writers on this site. Arizona and myself are just about the only one's who dare to write. The New Year will start out like an "circus" since the GOP has only the plan to torpedo everything the Dem's want for the "good" of the people here as well in the Ukraine. I fear that the dumb asses in the GOP are determined to cut the help for the Ukraine, so the Russians can continue their "murderous" games until it ends at the border of the old border between East Germany and West Germany as is was just after WWII. That is their objective as Putin clearly indicated. But yeah the GOP is too dumb to realize such. If you give one finger they will take the whole hand.

    The problem on this "island" is that "world education is missing in the classrooms. If you take Hitler or Stalin or Putin they all have the same objective and that is to "expand their borders" back to just after WWII.

    Our stupid GOP representatives in our government even objected on how Zelensky was dressed. I guess they have no clue about what an "war zone is" and how you dress in an war zone. This shows how ignorant and braindead these members are. Having an tie and shirt does not indicate if you are an "criminal" or and "rip off artist" or "educated and "decent", but yeah even an Jordan does not "dress" according to "code"

    Is n't time that the people who get elected here are first "screened" about what they know about governing and the world?

    Every idiot even anyone who wants to become President can enter the government, because most selections are not done about the "brains" and knowledge of an candidate, but instead about how much money you can raise and who are your "buddies" (often crooks) who benefit from the person who they "bought" getting into the government.The corruption here has reached its "highs" due to electing Trump in the past and Biden just closes his eyes for it.

    So my only hope for the New Year is that the Dem's fight this "corrupt" bunch all the way; throw them in jail and throw away the key.

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    The respect that MOST members of Congress showed Zelensky spoke volumes about who we are as a country.

    One of the few people who did not stand for the standing ovation was your rep, Matt Gaetz. How this child molester has managed to avoid going to prison is beyond me.

    Christmas is my wife's favorite time of the year, in part because today is her birthday.

    Although I am no longer interested in doing a lot of decorating on the house (been there, done that), the fun part this year is watching the grandkids (4 and 2) opening their presents.

    Although Bing Crosby always dreamt about having a white Christmas, I am VERY thankful that we moved from our home state of Minnesota. 30 below wind chill and piles of white stuff that you have to shovel no longer has any appeal.

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    Yes Arizona you always had the right attitude and mental stability in this rowdy world. Just like you, my decoration is minimum. I've got some bows and an huge lighted snowman that's about all . I'm no longer allowed on the roof since my "vertigo" popped up again. Even here the "cold" has arrived, but next week it will warm up again. But yeah even Florida has the climate change. Just observe like last year an "hurricane" and "tornado" both just hit here before X-Mas. This year it is the coldest as far as I know it has ever been here. Also wishing an happy healthy B-Day to your wife!

    Anyway politically speaking, I fear that January will be an disaster "month" when the GOP takes over the House; they likely will block all the Dem's want and only cater to the "rich" and "crooks" with stupidity and their big mouth's.

    As long as this country refuses to take the "money" out of "elections" then all this great fun will drive this country into the ground; Putin is the only one who will benefit from it. Wake up America, that's all I can say.

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    Happy Arbor Day, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Saint Crispin’s Day, Happy New Year’s Day.

    Actually, peace to everyone.

    And, Dutch? Money will never be removed from American politics. Sad, I know. The political will is lacking.

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    Lonely, Thanks at least you write and hope you keep doing this. Now I feel very "lonely" as an "lonely" writer on this site. While there is enough to write about . Have a great time and holidays and an great New year. Enjoy!!