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Zelensky's visit to the US etc.

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    Indeed the visit of Zelensky made an impression here, however I guess not on certain GOP members. I'm afraid that per January they will do everything to stop the aid to the Ukraine They have no clue about the consequences, because they neither have an clue about the rest of the world either, let alone world economy as well Russia's "goal".

    In the meantime the stock market is "tanking" again because the Fed has no clue at all what they are doing. The GDP numbers were higher than expected, so lets increase the "interest rates" again is the motto. Thus in other words everything which is good for the economy and labor market as well the housing market has to be "killed". Sorry but they are doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing. They are the one's who are ruining this country; that is what you get if you let an Trump appoint the Fed head. But Biden is too stupid by maintaining this dangerous idiot. January will tell the tale on how the GOP will act and ruin this country because of lack of "world knowledge" with the blinders on. They have no "plan", let alone the brains to stop the "depression", but will be "champions" in filling their own pockets and have an big mouth. Sorry to be negative, but "things" don't look good, due to the total incompetence of who were elected by lots of "stupid uneducated" manipulated people here .

    2023 will be an"messy" year for sure, because the "system" is "broken"; it shows that the "base laws" are outdated and can't be fixed with "case laws" only of which some are also outdated. I've never lived in an country like here, consisting of a zillion crooked lawyers who manipulate everything; therefore criminals like Trump just "dance" away as they like.

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    I guess his visit did not help much; they get even more bombed per day. I fear that this war goes on much longer until nothing is left standing in this country. But the world looks on and does nothing. Helping the Ukraine with weapons etc. is a good thing, but the Russians have decided to "flatten" the country all the way; lives don't matter to them. Yes the "nukes" are the "bottleneck" and scares the world. I'm afraid due to our election result, that this country will distance itself from this "horror story" because they will be to busy fighting among themselves. Sorry but the future for the Ukraine may not be "rosy" at all because our own future is neither "rosy". Let's hope that at least this country comes to their senses.