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Trump trading cards

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    Trump just made an amazing announcement.

    Trump trading cards (a non fungible asset) are now available for only $99 each!

    The cards, available for purchase at, are essentially non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collected digitally on computers or phones. The website encourages Trump enthusiasts to "instantly become part of a new league of collectors" by signing up with an email address and paying with a credit card.

    Those who purchase cards will be automatically entered into sweepstakes for "thousands of incredible prizes" and to "meet the one and only #45."

    Listed prizes include dinner with Trump in Miami, golfing with Trump and friends, hand-signed memorabilia, and a meet-and-greet cocktail hour with Trump and others at his Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

    The news was met online with many laughs.

    "Thank God, the digital trading cards are here," tweeted conservative Daily Wire editor and host Ben Shapiro. "It was indeed a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT."

    Fox News contributor Sara Carter, who tweeted Wednesday about whether the announcement had to do with Trump wanting to become the next Speaker of the House or suing former Twitter brass, seemed underwhelmed.

    "You can always expect the unexpected with President Trump but this is a Superman level of unexpected," Carter tweeted Thursday. "NFT? WTF!"


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    Finally the Dems did some research and found out that Trump can't run again because there is an 14th Amendment in the Constitution inserted after the Civil War that the people who tried to "undo" the government, can't run for official positions if they participated to get rid of the existing Government with an "insurrection".

    They've still have to get the "vote" to use this argument; 40 Democrats signed onto doing this. Why did this take so long to dig up this "Amendment" and use it?

    I guess all the awful "slow" actions and "sleepy Biden" are still in their "winter sleep" and are buried under the mountains of "paper" because of the stupid "British system" which they try to maintain. Shaking my old head in disbelief.

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    Why I've not seen the above in the news? Our Supreme Court never mentioned it at all, while they are supposed to know the Constitution for 100%. But yeah this "court" is now also "partisan" and twists the "law" to be able to get rich/ or get "benefits of it. What a country of "crooks". Like I did say Trump never will see jail, because all our "lawyers are "corrupt" and only see "dollar signs" in their actions and are scared for the GOP mob. The January 6th "committee will publish their recommendations today; however per January 1st the GOP takes over and likely will throw all their work into the garbage bin and let all the crooks stay in power, I bet. Long live "la la " land. Amen