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Lockerbie bombing

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    It took 34 years, but U.S. officials have just taken into custody the guy who made the bomb that blew up the plane.

    Two other people were charged a few years ago, and went on trial in the Netherlands. One was acquitted, and the other was sentenced to live in prison.

    Abu Agila Mohammad Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi, the man accused of making the bomb that destroyed the passenger plane in December 1988, was in custody, authorities announced Sunday.

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    I guess this was just the start of what followed. It was still in the good old days as humanity always produces a bit of an "normal" world with a few religious idiots who stayed relatively calm in those times. However things only got worse related to the increase in the number of "idiots" We've got enough of them and Russia even more.

    Sorry to say the horse and buggy times are long gone and the killing tools only got better, not "humanity".

    "Greed" and being "rich" drives the mindset now, ask Musk and Putin and Trump types. Yes we are ourselves to blame that we are running towards the cliff. The end is near ask the "bible writers".

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    Again it shows that "fanatic religion" is an typical tool to kill people which ever way. An world without "religion" would save millions of lives. But yeah "humanity" seems to "invent" these things to get "power" over the people as some "animals" do.

    If you look at all the wars and killings most are related to "religion" and "power lust" ; ask Putin and others.

    Sorry we are not any better than "ants" in that respect; however ants don't make "nuclear bombs" yet to destroy themselves.

    The strange thing however is that the "wealthy" are the one's who start most wars. Having only "power" is never enough.