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Trump's statement related to banning the Constitution

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    Sorry he's nuts. The Constitution is our base law and worked for more than 200 years. However it did got outdated quite a while ago because way too few "Amendments" were made over this long period. "Case laws" are used instead of fixing the anomalies/updates in the "base law". Due to our system of not "updating" the Constitution it has become the "noose" around our neck because it does not represent the present times we live in as well certain things in it are no longer correct for the time we live in. As well certain "corrections" inthis documet and the "amendments are needed. I mentioned before to make and update of this document and make it an "living document" as many other countries do with their "base law" which is then updated on an daily basis. Trump has total "other plans" and want to "abolish" the whole thing and then be able to become an "dictator" and make him rich doing it. His motives are not just an update but to get it "his" way of governing without "checks" and "balances". Thus an absolute "no no" and dangerous.

    It is time to "educate" the idiot about "proper laws" which should be applicable for the whole population so any one in the country can operate without a zillion "partisan lawyers" as well an "partisan" Supreme Court corrupting our law system.

    All this country needs is an "update"; but due to that our lawyers make "fortunes" by not having an up to date "base laws" they will be reluctant to change things for the better.

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    It's no secret that Trump is batshit crazy, but as Heather pointed out last night, so is the rest of the Republican party:

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    Thanks Arizona; as I've said so many times: Make the Constitution an "living document" which is updated to the times we live in. As other countries do, even Canada does so. There are lots of "anomalies" in this document which needs updating; the same applies to the Amendments. We certainly don't have "militia" anymore. Also the "industry" is certainly not anymore like in 1700. Neither the "legal" system is up to date; like that you can't "steal" secret government documents as ex-President etc.

    Neither in 1700 there were no people who visited the "moon"; at that time it was just an "big piece of cheese" according to the Dutch. I never have seen in Canada nor Europe the daily "legal" mess as here; may be in S.America or in Africa.

    I absolutely don't understand why "grown up people" like Trump don't understand why you need up to date "laws" which should reflect the times you live in. Until now Trump enjoyed the big "holes" in our laws and profited from it; so why "kill it"?

    That is exactly why this country can't get "honest smart leaders" because of all the anomalies in our laws. Only the "lawyers" make fortunes of it.