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Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022

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    Yes, All of you, I wish you an "happy" Thanksgiving. And do me an "favor" and write your opinion of what is going on in this country. If you think I've got things wrong, just let me know. I' m just the "person" who looks at this "country" as I experienced it elsewhere in the world due to my "international" work. However I have the feeling that plenty of people here have "colored" glasses on and refuse to accept what is wrong here related to "governing". It is clear to me that certain persons elected for the "job" (related to their "backgrounds) are not suited for the "job". Even the "high-up's" like Trump as well as Biden have "island views" of this country as well the world. Sorry to say Biden has not yet "arrived" in 2022. Lots of people who got into the government are not "qualified" at all; just to name a few: like Jordan, also an football player who's "running", who barely can speak decent English let alone knows the laws and legal language. How about an Greene who totally lost her mind etc. etc. Most of them have no international experience at all or the "education" required for the job. Looking at the total "picture" here, then how can you be "uniform" with 50 unruly States and "lots" of uneducated persons as well outdated laws running the show. No wonder that you have a "zillion "partisan" lawyers here who make things even worse; just to make lots of "money". There should be full oversight of the Federal Government over the States and all the laws should be uniform and up to date. Voting etc. should be "solid, honest" and "uniform" without billions of "money" thrown in (also the "forms" should be easy and uniform); also the same "layout" in all States. The Constitution should be made an "living" document and updated on an daily basis. Just check our "convoluted outdated "gun" laws; how many people lost their "life's" because of it.

    As long as "gerrymandering" etc and "districts" are manipulated; forget an"honest" election. It shows.

    Sorry this country loves "chaos" and "corruption" the "billionaires" here make sure of that. Pump in as much "money" you want and reduce your "taxes" that way and act "beyond the law" because of their "status" is their "motto", because of lots of their "created" holes in our law system.. Uniformity and "honesty" are dirty words here.

    The only solution is : Take the "money" out of "elections and "governing". If Presidents are allowed to "steal" then also the lower "servants" can do the same.