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Trump "running"?

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    It looks like he will "run"; let's hope for the "hills". I've never seen an more ridiculous country than this.

    This "guy" committed so many crimes, that it should be impossible to run for this serious job.

    Where are his "tax returns" ? What about all the "top secret" stolen documents and other things from the W.H.?

    Let alone his "coup" to get back in power on January 6th, which did cost some people their life, let alone the refurbishment of the Capitol, which likely got paid for by the taxpayers.

    Also he (from an distance) arranged the murders of Epstein and Khashoki. Furthermore "cashed in" on the border wall with huge amounts of "commission".

    As well made "friends" with Putin and other "dictators".

    I declare this country totally "crazy" if they let this guy run for that position. Wake up Garland and Congress; if this guy would win again, then we have become another Russia with the "rich" and "crooks" running the show.


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    It already looks like that the GOP wants to do all kind of things which have nothing at all to do with"governing". Their first priority is to "stop" the January 6th investigations as well stop our help to the Ukraine and "free" the "idiots" who stormed the Capitol. No "priority at all to fix the "economy" or fix our "voting" system and "corruption" and take care of the aftermath of the pandemic.

    I predicted way back, if our government does not take the "money" out of elections then this is the result of sticking to our outdated Constitution and "case laws", which are totally manipulated by our "zillion" lawyers who love it this way.

    The present situation is no surprise at all, as long as people here are not being educated about what is wrong and what is right in governing. I'm not surprised at all about what is going to happen here over time. S.America fits right in with us; sorry but this country's future will not be rosy, if we continue on this path. It will follow the "lost empires" history.

    I've turned the "knob" on my TV to "Off"; otherwise I need a zillion "barf" buckets.

    The only one who's smiling is DeSantis, but not for long, because he's even more stupid than Greene.

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    Indeed as it looks like ; certainly in the "stock" market due to that the by Trump elected dumb ass Powell who again raised the interest rates, that this country is going down the drain due to it. I guess if the people would have chosen Bloomberg instead of Trump or Biden, then we likely would not have been in all of this shit. We need leaders who "know" what drives the economy or the "industry". Siegel again this morning shook his head about the "Fed" and showed that the Fed is on the wrong track. Indeed now lots of industries are laying off people because of the Fed. As I've said for years on end; put "qualified" people into the government; not the "politically" driven big mouth "buddy" types. It is now not equal to the 1930's at all. The inflation is now driven due to other things then in the past, so use other means to control it, such as "strict government price control" as other countries do on all commodities.

    Sorry but the total picture of this country is pointing in the wrong direction. Putin knows this, and just goes on by not stopping his murderous games. But the GOP only cares about themselves and rather let the Ukraine suffer, not realizing by not stopping him, then the next will be the rest of Europe to be "attacked" in order to get the Soviet Union back to it was in the past with its border at east Berlin. Wake up America; stop the inbred "island" attitude; this country and the world will absolutely also be "affected" by it.