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Why is the "mess" in this country getting bigger by the day

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    First of all the whole governing structure is asking for "trouble; nothing is done with "proper" oversight.

    1) Having an Constitution 0f 1776 which is seldom updated; updates are mostly done by "case laws" which require lots of research and lots of "lawyers".

    2) Having only "two" parties, who are "miles" apart in their way of "governing" and "thinking" There is no "middle" as in other countries.

    3) Having "elections" with "lots" of "money" what "drives" it, and an process which is unbelievable in any other country.

    4) Qualifications or "integrity" does not count

    5) The one's who collected the "most" money likely will win.

    6) No proper "screening" at all for the candidates who intent to run.

    7) All the officials are "partisan; including the "judges" and their counties as well "police" or any government function is "partisan"

    8) Even any "jury" selection is often partisan; Take the Rittenhouse "case" for instance.

    9) If you look at who's in the government, then half of them are not suited for the job and only spew their nonsense but seldom have the facts straight.

    10) Even if we had an "criminal" in the W.H., then he's still able to run again, because our present weak President just let him do what he wants and "rally" as much as he likes to rile up the crowds as well get his private "plane" operational again.

    11) Putin is looking from an distance and loves what is happening here; he would love to have Trump here again, so he can "flatten" the whole of the Ukraine without any opposition.

    I could go on and on but does the US public care? I guess not at all, they are used to "corruption" and "mis-management", let the "money" roll. That's all what counts; "brains" and "integrity" are optional.

    Sorry people the "system" here is asking for all the "shit" we have. (Copy Canada, as an example) and put "discipline" into the "system" please. I'm afraid all the wheels will fall of the cart and we will get an Soviet like system; do we really want such? An country run by "oligarc's" (the rich and powerful?) the rest does not count. Wake up America, but I think it is already too late; the GOP corrupt steamroller will probably flatten us shortly because nothing is done "honestly" or "properly" any more. Just let Trump, Musk and DeSantis and other "types" as them, do as they like, success assured.

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    First page, first paragraph, first line of the constitution contains "Promote the general welfare". Watch Elon Musk. He is doing and acting like a dictator. Promote the general welfare is not reflected in anything he does. Going to Mars? Turning Twitter into the voice of turmoil and hate? Siding with Putin? What gives him the power to act as a representative of the USA ? The country needs to take control of the largest resource, money, and manage it like a resource. Money needs to be put to work and fulfill the mandate in the constitution of "Promote the General Welfare". Putting people to work in jobs that sustain a standard of living that takes care of all needs plus instituting a tax program that pays off the national debt are the minimum requirements for stability. No problem with somebody making a million dollars as long as they do something with it. Money is for facilitating the trading of goods and services. Stockpiling and hoarding money contradicts the purpose of money.
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    Yes, Chet you've got the picture!! However the rest of the country still lives in the "stone age" and let the people with the biggest mouth and "money" corrupt the joint.

    It is just like in Russia ; have the rich and the incompetent "playboys/girls" run the show. Throw in the "church" and the "chaos" is complete. Having a "big mouth" and "lie" as much as you can, gets you in the higher places.

    I guess the GOP people will fit right in with Putin. Sorry but this country is going to the dogs. It is time the "education" here gets "updated" as well the Constitution.

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    Wedge issues drive the elections. The biggest wedge is Trump. As I described in 2015 he is a phenomenon. He has followers that are in jail because of him and abandoned by him yet he has a huge and probably growing following. As I said before Trump cannot be defeated by attacking him. The only way to win against Trump is to out Trump him. Any issue can be manipulated to appeal to people of opposite view points. A Trump 2.0 has to come on the scene. Somebody that has the phenomenal appeal that Trump has but can apply that to issues in a way that appeals to both left and right. The country is close enough to chaos to start acting in a way similar to Marshal Law.
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    Dutch, You have been right on from the beginning. Hard to figure out what drives support for the obvious and logical. Who wins a fight between a fascist and pacifist? Comes a time when the pacifist needs to be feared. Biden could walk away with a clean slate from the midterms and be assured reelection if he would reach into the bag of FDR tricks with Presidential Executive Orders and Directives and resurrect this economy.

    799, enacted August 15, 1970, formerly codified at 12 U.S.C. ยง 1904) was a United States law that authorized the President to stabilize prices, rents, wages, salaries, interest rates, dividends and similar transfers as part of a general program of price controls within the American domestic goods and labor markets.

    Roll back and stabilize prices.

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    Chet, again congratulations; you've got it right again. Another thing here is , if you have 50 States who you don't control and who all should have the same coherent way of governing as well should have the same laws applied to them; which is not the case at all here. Also the "education" (country wide) by the schools is laughable. Also most people here at least 70% have never been out of the country except may be on an "cruise" or visited only an neighboring country.

    So all of this is an "inbred" mentality which is easy to "indoctrinate"; they barely know how the rest of the world is structured or how they run their country. The "system" here is at fault by copying the "British" antique way of doing things. Lately it has been proven how this system is screwed up, ask Boris who's out now. They can't even run that tiny "island" with their outdated culture and they did not even fit into the European Union; neither accepted the Euro and European "measurements" only the British ex-colonies and the US don't use "metrics".

    And the US copied this British clotted "cream" and modified it, such way that it requires a "zillion crooked lawyers" to make it work only "half ass". So as long as the US sticks to it, it will remain in "turmoil".

    First of all all the States should report to the Federal Government, all in the same way with the same "laws" and "rules" ( no exceptions) Also all election "forms" should be the same "layout". Elections themselves should be "without" MONEY, with the only exceptions to cover the cost to run it, but no collections of it by the candidates themselves. That is how other countries do it.

    In the Netherlands you can't even place "signs" in your yard; in the center of town there is an location where you can staple your sign if you want. Lobbying is also not permitted; neither the "circus" on TV or other media. You don't barely notice that there is an election; just fill in the election "form" that is all. Not all the craziness as here.

    Sorry but the "elections" here are an total "joke"as well corrupted by the "money" and "lies" and unqualified people who run.

    Why is Biden not writing an "executive order" stating that Trump or an DeSantis can't run because of the "crimes" they committed. I call this an "gutless" President, who just let the "shit" have its course.