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Pelosi and Musk

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    Pelosi's husband was attacked in San Francisco and he is now in the hospital . Congratulations GOP keep going in that direction. Yes just copy S. America. In the meantime Musk enjoys his grab with Twitter and threw the management out.

    Just in time to give Trump the "podium". But yeah, Musk did make Twitter an "private" company again, so he can play "politics" with it as much as he likes.

    He already did by "meddling" in the Ukraine and even called Putin, but yeah Biden and his "party" are sound asleep and let all of this happen.

    Sorry people this country is moving in the 'wrong" direction; there is no "discipline" or "integrity" at all in this government, neither in the DOJ or Supreme Court . The only word I can think of is "CHAOS" where the idiots have free roam.

    Certain "idiots" want to "ban" social security and no abortion to be allowed for the whole country. I guess they want this country run by the "church" and an American Putin type (I guess Trump the Putin lover). Hallejuja, praise the Ghost on Mars.

    Sorry but this country has an new name: "La la land" ; brains are optional.

    Another "week" then we know the outcome; if it is in the GOP favor, then forget this country as well the Ukraine.

    Biden will become just an dead duck; but yeah he helped being this.

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    I guess the people here are not thinking beyond their "noses". It is clear what role Musk will play in our elections; "indoctrination" will be the daily objection. Keep the people "dumb" as they do in Russia then you can let them "dance" to your "tune". Sorry but this "island" is super gullible and easy to influence. So many people fall for the "crooks" here and fall for the Trump and DeSantis "bully-ism" Having an big lying mouth seems that then you have "power" and the uneducated "island" people fall for it.

    The future won't be kind to this country; it lost its direction.

    On top of that the stock market shows what an chaos it is. The stupidity is that an Trump appointment is now the head of the Fed and it shows. But yeah Biden keeps on sleeping and talks only but does nothing.