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Trump supports the QANON craziness

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    Things are getting more out of hand nowadays. Trump uses every idiotic tool he can find to elevate himself .

    First of all Biden seems to be sound asleep and does not stop this nonsense; he only talks but let the idiot hold rally's etc.

    In the meantime Trump acts like he's an "King". Also the craziness about the "stolen" documents, and Biden does nothing at all.

    Sorry we don't have "Kings" and once out of office you should be treated like anyone else. But yeah this unbelievable country lacks solid laws neither for "governors" like DeSantis or Abbott, who just do as they like and use "migrants" as "toys" to play with.

    Looking at the present situation in this country including the "stock market" then I get the solid impression that this arrogant "island" lost its "marbles and "brains. Sorry the "situation" at present goes in the total wrong direction, especially with all the Trump appointed "judges" as well the Supreme court with the Trump appointed "judges" is asking for lots of awful things to come in the future. Wake up Biden, do something else than just "talking".