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The shape this country is in

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    Looking at the last few years, things keep going in the wrong direction. After the "pandemic" a lot of "idiots" rose to the top in this country. The economy is tanking as we speak and the "crooks" are taking advantage of it. In the meantime no one takes any effort to improve our laws here, let alone our leadership. Also the "stock market" clearly shows an down going trend. Internationally things are not much better either and the Russia invasion only made things worse.

    So since no one puts in any effort to get rid of the crooks like DeSantis and Abbott and lots of other "GOP Trumpers", then things only will get worse.

    Trump himself only adds fuel to the fire and "loves" to instigate and manipulate all the stupid "lawyers" here.

    Looking at the whole picture of this country then it is one big drunk "Halloween party" lost in their own greedy created shit.

    I've said so many times that an country with 50 States without stringent "oversight" and no uniform laws for all the States, or direction and do as they like, will end up in a total disaster, because our laws were never adapted to 2022, except with some case laws which also got outdated or have built in "loop holes".

    As long as we get half baked Presidents who were "bought" via lots of election money thrown around; then it is impossible to get an"strong unified" honest country.

    The way things are going, especially with all the "wrongs" here and an"world wide recession" in the making; I've got little hope that the "mid-term" elections will improve things, especially if the "election deniers" in certain States do get elected.

    Nothing of the "structural "mess" is being cleared, just look at our "mess" related to "immigrants" who now now are "politicized" all the way by the "border States.

    If the present "shit" with Trump does not get the right "judgement" then forget this country . It will become an "precedent" for any one in the future who grabs "power". Get the "money" out of elections!!!!!!!!

    Sorry this country is digging its own grave. Amen

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    In Italy they voted "ultra right" ; it looks like Mussolini all over again. This time it is an woman. In England things are going from bad to worse because of their "island" economy. Certainly the Russia war has its effect. Just looking at the stock market here it shows that the world economy is hurting in a big way about what one idiot as Putin can do. N.Korea is launching another rocket just to show that they also can play the "war" games.

    Looking at the total picture of all the "idiots" on the world stage. then I have little hope things will turn out well.

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    The total circus around the Trump "stolen top secret" documents shows that this country still has the diapers on.

    In any other "civilized"country such person would be in jail; but not here, it is all "talk" by all the rich lawyers and other idiots. Trump learned from his "daddy" how to manipulate the "circus" here and makes an "sport" out of it.

    No one has the "legal" guts to state that he "stole" them, but twist and turn all the way. In the meantime Trump asked the Supreme Court to "mediate" in the matter, knowing that the majority of GOP minded "judges" who he "appointed" may "pity" him. All of this shows how "partisan" this country has become. Sorry but "law" wise and "strict" application seems to be impossible here, because "everything" can be bought here, including "judges" and the like.

    Sorry again. this country is an total "joke" just like any S.American country, but actually worse because the "corruption here" feeds the monster.

    So I wonder; if Biden would have guts then he would take "the money" out of elections as well get an "multiple" party system, to prevent that the "bully's" take over the joint.

    Anyway it shows already on this site that this has become an "chicken coupe" ; because no one dares to say it as it is.

    I just wonder over 5 years what the "standing" of this country in the world would be? If the "ignorant" people here elect an DeSantis for president, then I bet things will get even worse than under Trump. But yeah what do the people in the middle of "no-where" get as "education". Just thinking "he" is an great "business man"? that's all they know" thus elect an mafia "bully", who only works for his own "wallet" and lacks any "world wide" education. All of this because any "crook" can become President, because our backwards looking case "laws" and "elections" are being manipulated and "bought" by the "rich" and "powerful", ask Musk. Looking forward to the zillion comments on this still barely alive "site".

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    They are still "tinkering" about what Trump stole; it also seems he stole some more and may be moved this to other locations.

    I just wonder; any "normal government" would give all "secret" material an "registration number" in sequence; so you can see easily what is missing. But not here, I guess.

    But yeah the next President got an "real" job to do, to make sure these things don't happen again. In the meantime Biden forgets to make an "executive order" stating that Trump as an "criminal" can't run again, but I'm afraid he won't do it.

    Sorry all of this makes this country "un-governable". Amen

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    The heading was : "the shape this country is in". There is an good reason for such:

    1) The "election" process: It is done with hoards of "money" but not "qualification"; get the "money" out and get "qualification" in.

    2) The people who run for election should be "first" thoroughly checked if they have at least "high school" with what "exam" scores/results; preferably with "international" education as Obama had.

    3) Rally's are nonsense; it results in "indoctrination" but not "education".

    4) All of this should be dealt with as for any "job" solicitation where you either get the job only if you are fully "qualified" just like in any other profession. We don't need "ego trippers" either, like an DeSantis etc.

    But yeah here they love an "circus" with lots of all kinds of "craziness". Also the people here are seldom informed about the "background" of anyone running. BEFORE they intent to run.

    Sorry if none of the above is done then you get the Greene or Jordan types or an "doctor" Oz or "Jesus" types or who ordered "abortions" and then lied about it.

    Everything in "politics" here is an "self inflicted wound" by not being serious about elections or who you "choose"; Trump is an example of who "not" to choose. He was already ready for the "nut house" since a kid; read his "mental" history. ( I knew and experienced it by him about 20 years ago)

    But yeah this country refuses to learn from past mistakes and continuous on the same path or makes it even worse and "refuses" to take the "money" out of "elections". "Brains" and world wide experience is so much better than "money" alone.

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    The CPI went bonkers again today; The Dow will likely drop another 500 points; the Fed of course may tighten even more.

    The Euro is now 96 cents as the exchange rate; which means that Europe has become "cheap" and can sell their goods better than the US.

    The politics played here will not help, but put this country in an REAL deep recession, unless the Fed takes other action then just increase the interest rates. It is not 1935!!!! The reasons are totally different which requires other measures than just interest rate increases , which will ruin the housing market as well lots of commodities related to it. Employment is still strong versus the 1930's crash; thus don't use the same "methods" as in that time. Yellen got the right mind, but Powell as an Trump appointee is missing the "boat" totally; probably talked to Trump to help ruin this country.

    So I fear together with the Ukraine debacle and the "brainless GOP" that hard times are here to stay unless the "mid-term elections" get us some "brains" in the government for a change. But I've not not got that much hope because as long as "unqualified" people get elected then the swamp will only get bigger. Amen

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    Yes, early in the morning the Dow dropped indeed 500 points, but later on all of a sudden it went up to about close to 870 points Wow; an total yoyo. But yeah it is Friday tomorrow, so the "short sellers" may jump in and "steal" it all away again. Anyway it shows that everything here is not "normal" or "balanced". What will the FED do? I'm afraid that they stick to their "stupidity". Anyway the "January 6th committee had their last "show" and asked Trump via an "subpoena" to show up for to be questioned. However I personally think he will not reply or show up. He still thinks he's above the law, already as an "kid" with an "pappy" who was an KKK member. What about what he "stole" or who he "murdered" from an "distance?
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    The heading was:" The shape this country is in". Indeed lately it is going downhill every day. Especially the "media" is helping it. This morning on CNN they mentioned Trump "running" and having as his running "mate" Kari Lake. How is it possible that an huge criminal like Trump still can "run"? I've got the idea that no one dares to touch this "crook" and the DOJ just "toys" with it. The January 6th committee worked hard to prove their point , but I guess the GOP stays deaf and dumb. Why in hell does not Biden make an"executive order" that this "criminal" can't run anymore?

    He's even fixing up his "aircraft" which was "parked" for a long time. Must cost "millions" to make it airworthy again. I guess he intents to show this off during his "rally's". If he indeed "runs" then I declare that this country lost all its "marbles.

    If such is the case then an second term will be an "horror" show and an full "dictatorship" since he's is in love with Putin and want to copy him. He did visit Putin a few times and had secret meetings with him even in Helsinki.

    If all this is allowed in this country then forget this country; it will go to the "dogs". Russia and China will love it.

    McCarthy already said that the GOP no longer will support the "aid" given to the Ukraine if the GOP wins in the "midterms". Thus in other words they support Putin. Statements like that show that this guy is absolutely "brainless" and give Putin what he wants. He has no clue about the world around him.

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    Again I want to point to what is wrong in this country related to "elections". Take as an example about who "wins" here because they "raised" the most money. Here in FL Charly Crist raised about 2 million and DeSantis raised 10 million or more. I've said years and years ago that this country is corrupt as hell and fit S.America in that respect. As long as "money" is injected into the "elections" forget an "honest" election, neither that you get a person with integrity and qualification for the job. The present elections are therefore an total farce. I guess this country will never learn how to run an "honest" election.

    All of this will lead to "dictatorship by "bullies". Do we really want to be like Russia or China?

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    If I see the "candidates" then I have to "barf"; barely any of them are suited for the job. Qualification is not needed it seems. Take an Oz or Rubio or Greene or DeSantis, and of course Trump, all of them are "garbage". None of them have any international experience, may be except Trump who visited Helsinki and Moscow, ha ha. Yes an horrible drama show.

    I would think that this country with millions of people would have the best candidates in the world, but the opposite is the case. An typical example was that Bloomberg stepped out the last time, because he clearly saw how crazy these elections are done. All it is about is again an "money" game, but not an "brain" game. Another GOP nuthead said if the GOP wins, then we stop the aid to the Ukraine; thus give the whole world away to "criminal" Putin.

    Sorry but following these elections it looks like "kindergarten"; pathetic all the way. Nothing in this country is done seriously, because even an "mental" spoiled brat patient can become President , ask Trump.

    Wake up America; do you really want to become another Russia?