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The shape this country is in

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    Looking at the last few years, things keep going in the wrong direction. After the "pandemic" a lot of "idiots" rose to the top in this country. The economy is tanking as we speak and the "crooks" are taking advantage of it. In the meantime no one takes any effort to improve our laws here, let alone our leadership. Also the "stock market" clearly shows an down going trend. Internationally things are not much better either and the Russia invasion only made things worse.

    So since no one puts in any effort to get rid of the crooks like DeSantis and Abbott and lots of other "GOP Trumpers", then things only will get worse.

    Trump himself only adds fuel to the fire and "loves" to instigate and manipulate all the stupid "lawyers" here.

    Looking at the whole picture of this country then it is one big drunk "Halloween party" lost in their own greedy created shit.

    I've said so many times that an country with 50 States without stringent "oversight" and no uniform laws for all the States, or direction and do as they like, will end up in a total disaster, because our laws were never adapted to 2022, except with some case laws which also got outdated or have built in "loop holes".

    As long as we get half baked Presidents who were "bought" via lots of election money thrown around; then it is impossible to get an"strong unified" honest country.

    The way things are going, especially with all the "wrongs" here and an"world wide recession" in the making; I've got little hope that the "mid-term" elections will improve things, especially if the "election deniers" in certain States do get elected.

    Nothing of the "structural "mess" is being cleared, just look at our "mess" related to "immigrants" who now now are "politicized" all the way by the "border States.

    If the present "shit" with Trump does not get the right "judgement" then forget this country . It will become an "precedent" for any one in the future who grabs "power". Get the "money" out of elections!!!!!!!!

    Sorry this country is digging its own grave. Amen

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    In Italy they voted "ultra right" ; it looks like Mussolini all over again. This time it is an woman. In England things are going from bad to worse because of their "island" economy. Certainly the Russia war has its effect. Just looking at the stock market here it shows that the world economy is hurting in a big way about what one idiot as Putin can do. N.Korea is launching another rocket just to show that they also can play the "war" games.

    Looking at the total picture of all the "idiots" on the world stage. then I have little hope things will turn out well.