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Trump promises huge problems if indicted.

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    Of course the "bully" uses his scare tactics to get it his way and the stupid people here fall for it. Even the stupid Judge is scared for him and "bows" for his wishes. Sorry people this guy is now an "citizen" without "privileges" ; thus treat him as any citizen here. Furthermore the DeSantis as well Abbott are helping to make the mess even bigger so Trump can "win", by using the "refugees" as "pawns" and sent them to Martha's Vineyard etc.

    First of all I don't understand our "horrible justice system" who not yet has "stated" that Trump can't run because of his "tax returns" as well his criminal tactics by hiding "classified" materials in his "castle".

    Sorry people this country has lost its marbles for sure.

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    Of course this stupid Judge got her way; it will take now at least a year before the asshole "Master" has read all these documents and stretches it even more until after the "mid-term elections". In the meantime Trump rakes in the dough and "sold" the copies.. Sorry, I guess the "brains" here are totally polluted by the Trump mafia.

    All of this shows that this country is beyond saving; especially if stupid Biden did not remove all the Trump appointments when he started. At least Obama was wise enough to throw the "GOP mafia judges" out. This country will never learn I guess.