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British Queen passed away.

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    Since this country used to be an British colony, then of course they spent a lot of time on British royalty. The new King Charles III will replace her. But yeah he's just like Trump not "clean" either ask Dianna. So I just wonder who we elect in 2024.

    Let's hope it is not an DeSantis or another money hungry crook. But yeah the "midterm elections" may give an idea in which direction this country is going. However the "election deny-ers" may get elected as well in the "red" States. So the "election" mess will continue as long Trump can "meddle" with it. So I don't have my hope up that things will become "normal" in the future, unless something drastic changes the "culture" here.

    Britain will also muddle on and don't expect that Charles will have much of an effect on things there.

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    I just wonder if Trump dies, do we then also get 2 weeks of "mourning" and trips with the body throughout all 50 States?

    Putin will certainly be an "guest" of "honor" at his funeral. How about the "cathedrals" we've not have that many to show the bulging coffin due to his fat ass.

    Sorry people the British "empire" rubs off here for sure; the clotted cream sits even in their "wigs" ; But yeah how wonderful that they use Mercedes's and BMW's for this event. I thought they left the EU.

    Looking at the "procedures" in Britain, then the "royalty" and its "heritage" as well "customs" stay in place. At least they still have "culture"; which nowhere is found in the US. We rather have an KKK type leader without any "culture" And love uneducated "money stealing bullies" above all, who steal all our secret documents and pawn them off.

    Amen, enjoy!!

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    If you see the long waiting lines to give their respect to the Queen, then it shows an hell of a difference compared to this "weird" country with its half baked British system of 1770. But yeah we have also our "Kings" and royalty like Lindsey Graham and Trump. Let's get some more "jets" to disperse more "chased" Latino's to Martha's Vineyards etc. DeSantis and Abbott are loving sweethearts for poor little kids and their parents who left everything behind to come to this "lost paradise".

    But yeah in the meantime we are too busy playing "games" with our thieving ex-leader so the lawyers and their "gang" get rich by just twisting the half baked laws here. Let the fun continue. Abbott and DeSantis love their "games" the same way Putin does with the Ukrainians. Sorry this country is still living in the stone age related to "justice" and "reality" of life on this tiny planet. The "ants" here will never learn, ask the history here. "L'Histoire ce repette"

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    All of this shows that even England has much more "RESPECT" for everything. People standing inline for 12 hours or more to show "respect" for the British Queen. I doubt that any GOP Republican knows the word "RESPECT". The only words they know is : How can we rip-off people and screw them over and "steal" as much money doing so.

    If Trump or Abbott or DeSantos dies, then I don't believe we will see the same thing. Our "royalty" consists only of money grabbing hungry crooks. However I must say Obama was an exception, but such was not appreciated by the GOP crooks.

    The way things are going here, I have also only a few words for it: "CHAOS" and "corruption" all over. No wonder if you can't even "judge and convict" an document stealing greedy fat ass "bully" brat which the dumb ass people here still think he was an "king". Isn't time that the people here get some "real" education about the how and why of living on this tiny planet. The "behavior" here is like an ant colony. Please bring plenty of barf buckets. Amen