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    The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is an American conservative and libertarian legal organization that advocates for a textualist and originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.[4][5][6] Headquartered in Washington, D.C., it has chapters at more than 200 American law schools and features student, lawyer, and faculty divisions. The lawyers division comprises more than 70,000 practicing attorneys (organized as "lawyers chapters" and "practice groups" within the division) in ninety cities.[1] Through speaking events, lectures, and other activities, it provides a forum for legal experts of opposing views to interact with members of the legal profession, the judiciary, and the legal academy.[7] It is one of the most influential legal organizations in the United States.[8][9]

    The Society was founded in 1982 by a group of students from the Yale Law School, Harvard Law School, and the University of Chicago Law School who wanted to challenge liberal or left-wing ideology within elite American law schools and universities. The organization's stated objectives are "checking federal power, protecting individual liberty and interpreting the Constitution according to its original meaning",[1] and it plays a central role in networking and mentoring young conservative lawyers.[5] According to Amanda Hollis-Brusky, the Federalist Society "has evolved into the de facto gatekeeper for right-of-center lawyers aspiring to government jobs and federal judgeships under Republican presidents."[8] It vetted President Donald Trump's list of potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees and, as of March 2020, 43 out of 51 of Trump's appellate court nominees were current or former members of the society.[10]

    In January 2019, The Washington Post Magazine wrote that the Federalist Society had reached an "unprecedented peak of power and influence." Of the current nine members of the Supreme Court of the United States, six are current or former members of the organization (Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and Amy Coney Barrett).[1][11] Politico wrote that the Federalist Society "has become one of the most influential legal organizations in history—not only shaping law students' thinking but changing American society itself by deliberately, diligently shifting the country's judiciary to the right.

    The judge in Florida who just approved the appointment of a special master was nominated b Trump and approved AFTER he lost the election.

    Most legal experts agree that her ruling makes absolutely no sense, but it hands Trump a partial victory, and delays the criminal investigation a little bit longee.

    At least some of our federal judges approved by the Federalist Society have been deemed "not qualified" by The American Bar association.

    The last presidential administration to do this was under George W. Bush. Out of 264 Trump nominees, the ABA rated 187 as “well-qualified,” 67 as “qualified,” and 10 as “not qualified.” Since 1989, 22 judicial nominees have been rated by the ABA as “not qualified,” and the Senate confirmed 15 of those nominees.

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    Arizona, glad you are writing. The above is an excellent piece which shows clearly the "legal mess" here. Such is only possible if your "base laws" are still in its form of 1776 and the Amendments are also not adapted to the times. Neither if you are unable to select "sound" people in the government. Such structure is doomed to fail after more than 2000 years. No wonder that "groups" like the Federalist Society rises out of the worm eaten parchment. Other civil societies keep their laws up to date and their "base laws" stay up to date and "select" Prime Ministers who have to comply to the same rules and laws as any citizen. Sorry the "nutty" way Presidents here have "executive privileges" and powers is asking for "shit". Sorry the whole government and all the 50 States makes this an difficult country to govern. Therefore you need strong "black and white" laws and " lots of discipline" as well full "oversight" in governing over all the States and an good strict education system about "laws" and rules applicable to everyone; no exceptions etc. Most of it here is do as you please. The election process here is "bought" but not "honest" at all; "money" and "ego's" rule.

    I've not seen such like Federalists, in Europe or even Canada.

    The whole "Trump" (Mar -a-Lago) "circus" thing right now, makes this country an total "farce". In Europe they look at this in total amazement and distance themselves more and more from the US and will not "share" any "secret" information anymore, since the US no longer can be trusted.