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    Guess what? The "elections here are an total "farce" like they keep saying: How much money did you raise? On TV they showed how many millions are spent just on one person. This has always been the case and is considered "normal" here.

    Doing this means that you never get an candidate who's got the proper "mentality" for the job, but is only put there as the "puppet" for the rich and powerful. Therefore it makes the whole system here "corrupt" and we do get "clowns" like Jordan and Greene and other assholes who see it as an "game" to rake in the "dough". Mostly "ego-trippers". Other idiots like Musk and "billionaires" can freely push their "powers" and corrupt this even more. Even the Supreme Court is corrupted as has been proven. Qualification or "knowledge" does not seem to count, once money is involved.

    How did an Trump ever got into this position? He's always playing the "money" game and does not give a "shit" about hard working people. It is "me, me, me only what counts. Putin and him are only interested in themselves and their "ego's" and love "manipulation".

    Letting the US and Russia go in this direction will affect the whole world as has been proven over centuries what the outcome will be.

    For these types of people "enough" is never "enough". When is this country going to learn that "elections" should be without "money" running the "show" as (some) other "civilized" countries do.

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    Talking about "money" in the elections here. Plenty of the "election deniers" are now running in several States , like Arizona and Ohio and rake in plenty of "dough" or got it via the GOP. Such seems to be only possible in this backwards country. The amount of money injected in these coming elections is enormous. Injecting "money" just means that "everything" in this country can be "bought" and corrupted this way. No wonder that you get then the Trump "puppets" elected who only also "fill" their own pockets and become "slaves" of the "rich and powerful" here. Where are the "brains" here?

    As long as "money" runs the show, forget an "honest" well run government .

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    Talking about "money" , the stock market keeps on dropping. "professor Siegel" and Yellen said that the "Fed" is totally on the wrong track. I believe him/her for 100%. Powell was appointed under Trump and Biden kept him; there is the mistake!! If you ruin "housing" the "job market" and the "cost of living" by increasing the interest rates unlimited, then you achieve exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve is happening. It is not the 1930's where the labour was the issue. So Powell is braindead related to "inflation". He's ruining this country instead, may be because he listens to Trumpers.

    Inflation is caused here due to manipulation in everything; the dollar is now more expensive than the Euro; everyone can increase their prices, because this government let everyone do it as they like. In Europe they first have to prove if such is warranted due to production or material cost before they can raise any of their prices.. Biden was too stupid to retain this guy as well lots of "political" appointee's by Trump; this may be his downfall. Neither did he got rid of DeJoy of the Postal Service. When is this country going to learn ever to put Government people in place who are "solid" and have the "brains" for the job and are not "corrupted" or elected via the rich and "money" corruption in the elections or otherwise via an "political buddy" system. ?

    Integrity is missing all over; the "document" case with Trump shows how weak our laws are as well everything can be twisted and turned with plenty of "money". Trump types think the laws don't apply to them.

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    This morning the Dow dropped again; in Britain they made drastic changes and in Italy they elected an far right government as bad as Mussolini just before WWII.

    Sorry people as I predicted things only get worse as long as Trump and his dumb ass buddies keep fueling the fire with stupidity and Biden keeps on sleeping. Yes things indeed look like just before WWII, may be even worse due to the lame UN and the treat of "nukes".