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    Again as usual , the "document story" with Trump gets "milked" out day in day out . Is there no shame at all in this country.

    Are we only "feeding" all the crooked lawyers here? It is so obvious that Trump "stole" all these "documents" and likely much more from the W.H. itself. So why play all the "games" around this? Throw him in jail and throw the key away.

    The way things are dealt with means that he likely again may escape justice again, because he knows all the "mafia" tricks to stay out of it..

    Sorry this country is indeed "la la' land". Nothing here is straight forward or "black" and "white" . The only game in town is how much "money" can the lawyers and "pundits" make of it.

    Justice is there only for the "little" guys; then the laws seem to work. But it depends on"who" you know or if they can "use" you for something.

    So I bet Trump will stay an free "man" who rakes in the money and stays in his castle with everything he stole besides the "documents". Amen, be proud of your country. Wow.

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    I get the impression that he stole more than "documents" only. So FBI search as well what else is missing from the W.H.

    In the future have any President sign an document which states that he is only an "tenant" for a short time and that nothing in and on this property belongs to him.

    Also an inventory list of everything should be made including an total listing of all the paperwork and antiques etc. which should be held there. Some items have enormous "antique value" such as paintings and artifacts.

    Every President should be told that the W.H. belongs to the "people" and is not his property at all and all damage done to it, shall be for the account of any President or staff. (Such as throwing TV's through the window as Trump did).

    Looking at the present picture then I believe that this country lives in the "stone age" related to thinking their leaders are Kings or Kaisers who can't be touched. But yeah I've got the feeling the GOP idiots wants an "dictator" as in Russia. Since this country still got an "island mentality" and never had an real "dictatorship" and since they've never experienced such, then I'm not surprised at all.

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    In the meantime the "clown" Lindsey Graham finds that Trump is not guilty at all and "pushes" that the whole country should immediately protests in the streets or start an "civil war" if he (Trump) gets jail.

    But yeah the other "clowns" in our Justice department as well an "Trumper" Judge are already sowing the seeds to "delay, delay, delay"; typical, which means an "forever case" where Trump gets the benefits an be in the clear in no time.

    Sorry this country is "sick" ; this guy should not be running around in his "palace", but should be in jail.

    If he's not found guilty, then the next President can repeat this nonsense and "sell" this country to the highest bidder.

    Unbelievable that all of this is possible and Biden and the Justice Dept. does not even blink and listens to all the crap Trump spews. Delay is the "motto"; take your time so you can "make more money" is what the stupid lawyers want.