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Politics as tool to get rich

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    King Trump has his "castle" here in FL. The present "governor" loves to have the last" job this "king" had. So guess what is happening? Looking at Trump's property here, then the property "taxes" must be enormous. However I bet he does not pay an "penny" at all, because of DeSantis, who he helped him to get the President job here.

    With the coming elections the "chess board" has changed and DeSantis may want Trump's previous job. So something has to clash. If DeSantis looses and does not get the job and Trump looses as well, then I wonder about the "taxes" ; likely Trump will be the "winner" and still pays nothing.

    This whole circus has nothing at all to do about "governing" but only about "ego tripping" for the both of them.

    You may call this country as well "Russia number two". The US "oligarc's" win here as well by "collecting" lots of "money".

    Sorry "people", these "clowns" are only interested and in love with "themselves" but not you or the country.