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    The typical picture of the "political world here" is always connected with all kinds of "elements" in this dis-organized. society here. Typical today is that Cheney lost her seat and Biden got his "deficit deal"; that then the "stock market" tanks.

    The Cheney "election" thing shows exactly on how this country is "governed " by the "media" but not "brains or education.

    Furthermore the "solid" Trumper's stick with the "asshole" and he keeps interfering in the election to "advance" the "loyal" candidates.

    Biden "scored" with his inflation "package" , but none of the GOP voted for it. I wonder if the GOP gets in power again shortly, then I fear this package does not even gets of the "ground". So don't cheer too early Dem's.

    Looking at the "status" of this country right now; then the word "chaos" applies; lots of "hearings coming up, but does it help this country? I doubt it; the "idiots" may win in the November; bye bye Cheney, move to another State I guess.

    I must say that Garland does an good job and hope he can withstand the GOP crooks and their "game". Especially the "game" Trump and his buddies play.