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Ukraine situation

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    Right now very little news about the Ukraine. However the NATO countries are now supplying long range guns used by NATO which give huge successes and have precise targeting. They blew a bunch of Russian fighter planes up as well other Russian military supply storage facilities. Even reached targets in the Krimea peninsula.

    However the US should re-supply them with the "ammunition" for the howitzers etc.

    NATO is busy to supply them with even more long range equipment and rocket launchers.

    It is the intend to "clear all the Russian occupied area's according to Zelensky; let's hope they succeed.

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    The Russians now "bomb" very small towns and haul "criminals" out of jail to fight for them. In the meantime the "world" does nothing and Putin just continues murdering innocent people. I guess we are too busy with our own created shit to care.

    What a world we live in ; no wonder more and more "idiots" pop up every day. Watching the "news" indeed gets you into the "nuthouse" for sure. Especially the "indoctrinated" people here, who still think that this country is "number one" in the world. The elections which are coming up shows that this country has become an huge "nut house" with lots of weirdo's rising to the "top" . Just let certain "media" influence the "uneducated" crowd here and "success" is assured.

    Russia and the Ukraine are an far from my bed happening so who cares. But yeah people here don't seem to realize that we are heading in the same direction as Russia; electing Trump or Desantis will get us there.

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    Lots of fighting in the Krimea; lots of Russian facilities hit. I hope the Ukraine can maintain their advances. The Russians are loosing lots of war material and loss of their military. I just wonder why the "media" here is so "un-interested" in what is going on there. I guess the "local" partisan B.S. here has "priority". Cheney will likely loose in the "red" State of Wyoming; that says enough about the "education" here. I guess this country is and stays "brainless". Let's hope Garland will do the right thing and set things straight. But it will be an uphill battle against the "indoctrinated" Fox News and Trump followers.

    Sorry this country is moving in the wrong direction for a long time yet to come.

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    On top of the things happening here, the situation in the Ukraine is getting dangerous. The huge "nuclear plant" is still in the danger zone and the Russians bomb it day and night very close to it. The people who run it are controlled by the Russians. So I just wonder what game the Russians are playing with this Nuclear Plant. Time will tell, but I fear things may escalate.

    Putin plays with "fire" and does not care if it explodes. What can the "West" do? Likely "nothing" at all.

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    The UN team of inspectors has arrived to inspect the Nuclear power plant. I guess they will find out that this is run by the Russians and operated by Ukrainian personnel . It must be an "messy" operational structure . In the meantime it "rains" Russian missiles nearby. It is time that this plant gets fully back into Ukrainian hands.

    The Russians are now getting attack drones from Iran; what is the US doing about that?

    This "invasion" by Russia is now already more than 6 month going on. How much longer can the Ukraine as well Russia keep this up? What will the future bring? Let's hope theUkraine wins and get their country back, but who gets the re-building burden. I guess lots of assistance is needed from the west for years to come.

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    Things on the "battle field improved for the Ukrainians. However thePutin regime has now ordered that 300K reservists are being called up to fight in the Ukraine. Due to such, plenty of Russians who could be called up, are now leaving the country in a hurry . Putin now threatened the "west" to nuke London if they keep "winning" in the Ukraine.

    In the meantime the "war" industry here is making sure that they can produce their "stuff" as may be required.

    I at least did not hear anything from Biden, but he may say something at the UN today.

    As long as he does not act like Chamberlin did before WWII , I hope.

    It is time we stop all the "if and but" attitude and be "solid" in our responses . But the "turmoil" here continues as usual due to the horrible "attitude" here of the indoctrinated Trumper's and the stealing of secret documents, so the Ukraine is actually shoved onto an less important issue right now. Wakie, wakie, Biden.

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    The 300,000 number just jumped to 1,000,000. Students are being pulled from class, and workers are being pulled from their jobs.

    Heather had a few comments about the situation:

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    Yes, heather had an good story. I just wonder what the US will do. I guess the Ukraine will need lots more ammunition.

    However before any of the 1 million are a "bit" trained or escaped their "forced" labor, then I hope they will just be "cannon fodder" if they are not trained. Also I expect that a lot will "surrender" since they likely rather be in the Ukraine if you are "forced" to kill people for nothing. So this whole thing may backfire on Putin. If all of this gets on the "underground news "in Russia, I bet they will not be too happy and protest, which they already did, but got themselves in even more shit and got conscripted into the army there. Anyway, I see this as an loosing "deal" for Putin. But the "indoctrination" by him about the awful "jews" in the Ukraine may have an effect; the future will tell the outcome.

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    Things only got worse; Putin now implemented that if Russians who refuse to kill Ukrainians and drafted by him to fight there and join the "enemy" will get extensive punishment and long jail times.

    Thus if Putin's army is then consisting of "untrained" scary conscripts then for the Ukrainians it is like shooting fish in a barrel. I hope Zelensky has enough ammunition to kill them all. And lets hope he can defeat Russia in a hurry.

    May be the US can help by providing an "iron dome" as the Israeli's have developed to prevent the Russian rockets to ruin their buildings/bridges/railroads etc.

    The UN is and acts like an dead duck and does nothing against all the crimes committed by Putin. Some "words" only.

    What an world we live in; just waiting till some "idiot" uses "nukes"? Guess on how WWI and WWII started. Scary times ahead.