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the Vanderbilts

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    At the end of the 19th century, commonly called the Gilder era, the Vanderbilt family was one of the richest families in America. Not only did they have gobs of money, they were at the pinnacle of society.

    Early in the 20th century, one of the Vanderbilt ladies in NYC spent $6 million (in 1910 dollars) for a weekend party in order to establish herself as the queen of high society.

    One of the Vanderbilts went down with the Lusitania in 1915, but some other family members built lavish houses. Biltmore estate, built by George Vanderbilt, was constructed in the last years of the 19th century. Even today, it is still the largest privately owned home in the country. I've been through it, and it is a very impressive structure. At 250 rooms, though, it i a bit on the large side for a single guy.

    Another one of the Vanderbilts built a "summer cottage" in Newport, Rhode Island, called "the Breakers".

    Gloria Vanderbilt was the last of the family to live there, and she eventually deeded it to the Newport historical society because if was extremely expensive to maintain

    In April of this year, the society found a buyer who was dumb enough to spend an outrageous amount of money to buy and maintain it.

    He also owns a nice place in Florida called Mar-A-Lago, and his name is Donald Trump.

    If you think that the selling price of $112 million is a bit on the high side, consider the fact that he has fleeced $250 million from his gullible base since 1/6/2021, so the money he spent is literally "chump change".

    The Vanderbilts, of course, had CLASS, a quality that Trump has never had in his life.

    Witnessing the sale of a historic property like the Breakers to a guy like Trump is like watching your society daughter get married to a guy in a biker gang.

    You'll never be able wash out the stink.

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    By the way, the same story ran in 2016, and it reads a lot like "the Onion".

    Whether it is true or not is anyone's guess, but I wouldn't bet a lot of money on the veracity of the story.

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    Everything the "spoiled" brat touches turns into "shit". An kid who grows up such way that he gets his "way" all the time, because he never ever heard the "word NO" from his parents, should never become the "head" of any country. But yeah the "stupid" people here don't realize that their "vote" is manipulated by "money" and "corruption"by the US "oligarc's" here.

    Neither they do realize that an DeSantis has the same (or worse) mentality as Trump; so they seem to never learn from the past here and keep digging their own graves because of it. Neither do people here realize that the "system here" is like S.America were dictators roam. The "money" grabbers love it and make sure the "turmoil" continues "their way".

    Texas is an "living" example where the "wealthy" run the show; ask Abbott and Cruz.

    Why do we have to have an January 6th committee? If our "laws" would be "solid" and "fool proof" then these things with a zillion "recounts" and an "riot" at the Capitol could have been prevented. How come we have so many unqualified "assholes" in this Government? Such can only happen if the "lousy" screening is done with "lots" of money thrown in by the "oligarc's" here. Ask Jordan and Greene; they only got there by "raising" lots of "money" of stupid people and "rich" pushers, but not "brains" or have proper "education".

    I guess this country will never learn to run an "clean" ship. The "rich crooks" run this country (including the churches to cover their asses in an non-existing "afterlife" ) The "truth" hurts, Amen