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Trump opened his mouth again

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    Yes , the big baby Trump opened his "yap" again. He told the Dutch that they should stop their "global warming" program because the "farmers" are on "strike" there because they feel hampered by the "environmental laws". Also he claimed he won 2020 and will win again in 2024.

    He "meddles in everything right now; and still things he's "king". What is Biden doing about it? Nothing at all, while his ratings are down the tube. Thanks to an W.Virginia "asshole" like Manchin he gets nothing done, except he's "home" enjoying the weather, but has as excuse that he was "positive" for the "virus" while he had all the "shots" .

    Since this is an election year and our ridiculous government system has only 2 parties participating as well just about an even number of "seats" in the parliament and one of the parties plays an "corrupt not by the rules game" forget 2024 if this continues this way any "win" for the Dem's.

    Sorry people this country is an lost cause, unless someone wakes up and sees the reality of "politics" here by an convoluted outdated "base law" and "case laws" which don't cover the mistakes from the past. Neither the people who get elected here are fit to govern in most cases, due to the outdated "system" of electing people without any stringent "qualification" tests.

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    Since according to the "opinion' survey's done now , that Biden's approval ratings are "bad" and the Dem's themselves (70%) also want someone else for President, we get an weird situation that both "parties are looking for "candidates". I get the impression that the Dems don't have the "caliber" of candidate available right now. However the GOP likely will appoint DeSantis or even Trump, which is another Hitler show. So Dem's who are you going to shove forward who has the "brains" and stamina"?

    I still suggest Bloomberg, at least he has the brains and "international business" experience as well "common" sense in "finance" etc. But yeah likely it will be someone who won't win, as usual.