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Where are the brains (again)

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    On TV they are promoting an "new" show where the Trump family is showing how an "sweet" family this is.

    I only can say; is this "again" the "trick" and "treat" show to promote this family for 2024, in order to "soften up" the public in advance of him running for 2024. Bring the "barf bucket, please.

    Sorry this country is very "sick" indeed; they never learn from their mistakes about who they elect; seldom has there been an President who was suited for the job; Obama was an exception; most others were there only for their own "ego's" and "getting attention" without doing much for the country itself. If we want another Trump type like DeSantis, then forget this country on the "world stage" . Since the "Ukraine" and the "Covid" thing started, it has been very clear that the people on this "island" lack proper education about how to run a country.

    Certainly an only "two" party system being "miles" apart ; one party supporting the "corruption" here and wants to make this an other Afghanistan and the other party"floating" somewhere in la la land with an Manchin type who loves "coal" and has no direction to solve things and believes "Jesus" will help them won't solve anything what is wrong here.

    We are no better than any S.American country due to the totally outdated system here. Why barely any turmoil in Canada, but here everyday. As long as we elect the wrong people for the job and don't revamp our terrible individual 50 State system, which do as they like, then forget uniformity or an "workable" country. Some States are still living in the "stone" age, while others are an uncontrolled chaos due to the mixture in "culture".

    Sorry but as long as this country is not "uniform" in treating everyone the same (no exceptions for the wealthy) and does not throws "religion" and "ego trippers" and "money grabbers" as well "bully's" out of governing, then forget that anyone can run this country "properly". Change the "system" into an "up to date" workable un-partisan system" without an "zillion" greedy lawyers as well 1800's laws. Amen

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    I guess no one dares to write anymore. Sorry the mess in the world is only getting worse, so there is enough to write about.

    Here things are "political" speaking only getting more and more ridiculous. Let alone the "abortion" thing which shows that the people here are being manipulated by the "church" fanatics. Even an 10 year old gets confronted with the craziness here.

    The refusal to accept "reality" in "life" and "death" and let idiots in "robes" determine your "short" life span on this planet as well what you do personally in your family.

    Wake up America, look at what the scientists are doing in outer space; they certainly did not find the place "god's" are parked in between an zillion objects. People are "nothing" at all; not even an "dust molecule" in outer space. So accept for a change that "churches and "bibles" are just "human" created things which "humans only" made up. No "aliens" were involved; only "humans" wrote things on "earthly paper/parchment". The direction of this country is also only determined by "humans" who want the "power" over you, mostly for themselves to gain "something". This country is absolutely moving in the wrong direction, if we let the church run our lives . Roe v. Wade shows all the "meddling" which makes things only worse for the people here. Sorry your body on this tiny planet is yours and yours alone. No one is up there (which no scientist has found yet) is going to dictate your life. So "churches keep on "dreaming" and "lying" and keep raking in the dough, used for "ego" tripping only. Churches are "dead" things and can be bombed; ask the Ukraine.

    Where are the brains in this country? I'm very much afraid that this country is moving in the wrong direction. 2024 will be the crucial time, if we elect the wrong President like DeSantis or Trump again or an similar "type". If so, forget this country on the world stage. This will become another "has been" country in the history books. Amen

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    Talking about "brains". The Russians made an "deal" with Turkey, but the "west" is so terrible naive so that the Russians know now where and with what ship the grain is transported; they have now attacked them and "steal" the grain. Also they are bombing everything in sight. The US is the "lame duck" as always. Putin was on an "western made" motorcycle ride with an bunch of "wild Russian red necks" to celebrate the "cruelties" they did in the Ukraine. Biden wake up please!

    Furthermore in Uvalde they "postponed" the "punishment" of the authorities, who did not take action at the school and "government people" who like to shove it under the rug. Shove it on the "back burner" as always here.

    The January 6th "committee is also bogged down, because even an Bannon "case" is shoved to November. Likely all the work this committee has done will be "shoved forward" by Garland and Trump will likely escape any punishment, the way it looks like. Especially in an "election year", where it looks like that the Trump "hoard" can win again (the statistics show this) due to "dumb" ass people in this country without any proper education and even the schools are scared as well "women" who get "raped have no way out.

    In the meantime Joe Manchin's son runs the "coal" brokerage firm Enersystems now. Joe Manchin took in $ 491,000 from Enersystems last year . His wife Gayle took in $ 613,000 from that company. So $ 1.1 million to Manchin and his family as well add the income of being Senator of W.Virginia in his back pocket as well other "deals". But the stupid Dems "pity" him, instead of kicking this "Republican" ass out of the party. Stupid Biden even "protects" this guy.

    Sorry "readers" if any, this country has lost its "marbles" being super naive.

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    The "news" this morning confirmed what I said above; the Russians "bombed" the harbor infrastructure in Odessa likely with an long range missile; the Ukrainians brought 2 others of them down before the could do damage. Again it showed that the Russians are "beasts" and even their "agreement" via Turkey means nothing at all. It is time that "someone" throws an huge bomb on the Kremlin; but no one dares. What a world we live in right now.
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    Another thing caught my eye; AL Erian an well educated figure on TV said that the Fed is actually creating an "depression".

    Sorry but I believe him. The way this economy is working nowadays is "different" from previous downturns. First of all the "unemployment" rates are low. The production of essentials is working, except the supply lines are not, because of "bad" logistics. The main factor is the "oil" because of Russia which drives up prices due to transports. So once the "oil" is under control then there should be no "depression", except if then the "greed" kicks in to make more profits. Also the "stock market" has an huge effect because of "lack" of regulation; the "short sellers" and "hedge funds" are criminals who profit from the downturn. Biden gets the "wrong" info from the "crooks" here; the documentary about Texas showed that a few billionaires run the show; thus not the "voters" who are "indoctrinated" all the way by this "mafia". The rest of the country is just about the same; the January 6th committee proves such, but the GOP members are not watching and stick their heads into the Trump swamp. The GOP "Cotton" guy said so himself. If we keep this up, forget "normalcy" here.