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The Musk syndrome

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    Musk is in the "shit" because of his "Twitter" deal. But he's getting now sued by Twitter, So this "fest" will last for a while.

    Furthermore he finds that Trump is now too old to run and thinks that the DeSantis should run instead for the GOP. Bring the barf bucket please.

    But yeah DeSantis is even worse than Trump and totally "brainless" here in FL.

    I just wonder about the people in this country; it is getting worse by the day; certainly in the GOP related to common sense.

    But yeah that is what you get with an totally outdated Constitution and convoluted "Case Laws" and ridiculous "gun" laws.

    Biden is "gutless" and loves "half baked" things; but the "church" has the priority in his mind; he's visiting Israel this week; that will help things here for sure.

    In the meantime the stock market keeps "tanking" every day; the Dollar is now on even par with the Euro; so it will be more expensive for the Europeans to visit the US, as well the airline ticket prices are sky high right now. However Europe will benefit related to export to the US. What a world right now; how will all of this end? May be just like in the past in the 1930's followed up with WWIII. I don't hope so, but the "signs are there, ask Putin (Hitler number 2).

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    I think it's funny the two are trading insults, one ass going after another ass.
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    I've got only one thing to say: "Money corrupts" ask Putin and Musk and many others with "money"

    Yes we've landed back in the "middle ages" where you had the "castle lords" and the "have not's". The only difference is they traded in the "horse" for an Ferrari and the "castle for an "huge yacht" and "private planes" as well luxury homes on the golf course/beach. But yeah this country likes "asses"; however no one likes my "ass". Ha ha!!