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An fourth of July shooting of course,. Shaking my old head.

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    Six people dead in Illinois during an 4th July parade and 2 dozen hurt. At least 25 shots were heard.

    Sounds like an "fantastic" start of the "holiday" season. Love those guns ; Trump deserves certainly another medal from the NRA.

    But yeah, this country will never learn and "ban" these weapons as other countries do. Where you can have fun "parades" without "guns". Wake up Biden and do something! The Uvalde happening shows an "gutless" police. With this happening you see lots of "police" with full "body" protection and all the gear you can carry, but not in Uvalde. Wow, what a country, be proud of it!!!

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    The "kid" who did it, was between 18/20 years old; sounds familiar. He must have fantastic parents who likely voted for Trump. Looks like another "lost" kid, who has mental problems. Yes this society is "asking" for all of this. The Supreme Court sides with them as well the "church"; success guaranteed.

    If people here should have voted for Bloomberg instead of Trump, then this country would likely not have had all this "shit". Don't forget the "catholics" (Biden) who are running this country now, even his last (black woman) appointment for the Supreme Court is an staunch "catholic". Joanne of Arc would be proud of Biden. The history of the Catholic church is horrible and continues in Ireland everyday and in the past. The Catholic church has murdered more people than the Taliban; no one ever got better from it, except the "rich" and "powerful" (ask Louis the "fourteens" of France) and don't forget "gold plated' churches done with Inca gold who they also murdered. Read the history of that "church"; also Hitler loved that "church" as well Putin with another "branch" of it. If there are "any" "gods" at all, they can be proud of that for sure.

    But yeah the "motto" here is, keep them "dumb". And it works, ask the "dumb red States" .

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    Pope Francis on July 5 expressed his sorrow over what he described as a "senseless shooting" that killed at least six individuals and injured dozens more during an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4.

    In a telegram sent by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's secretary of state, to Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, the pope said he was "deeply saddened" to learn of the tragedy.

    "His Holiness joins the entire community in praying that almighty God will grant eternal rest to the dead and healing and consolation to the injured and bereaved," the telegram stated.

    "With unwavering faith that the grace of God is able to convert even the hardest of hearts, making it possible to 'depart from evil and do good,'" it continued, "Pope Francis prays that every member of society will reject violence in all of its forms and respect life in all of its stages."

    On July 4, Cupich issued his own statement in response to the violent attack, saying "what should have been a peaceful celebration of our nation’s founding ended in unspeakable tragedy."

    In addition to offering his prayers for the victims, their families and first responders, Cupich also called for U.S. officials to enact further gun safety measures.

    "Weapons designed to rapidly destroy human bodies have no place in civil society," he wrote. "It is barely July, and this year the United States is already experiencing more than one mass shooting a day."

    "The right to bear arms does not eclipse the right to life, or the right of all Americans to go about their lives free of the fear that they might be shredded by bullets at any moment," he continued. "Gun violence is a life issue."

    On Tuesday evening, July 5, Cupich is scheduled to concelebrate a bilingual Mass of Peace and Healing at Immaculate Conception Church near the scene of the attack.


    Highland Park passed an assault weapons ban in 2014. In 2015, it was upheld by the Supreme Court. Since Clarence Thomas just tossed out a New York law about concealed weapons, that would not happen today.


    According to the mayor of Highland Park, the weapon used in the shooting was obtained legally - even though Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.


    The father of Robert “Bobby” Crimo III — the person of interest arrested in connection with Monday’s mass shooting in suburban Chicago — liked a tweet supporting the Second Amendment just days after the Uvalde school massacre.

    It has since emerged that the suspected gunman’s father, Bob Crimo, a longtime deli owner who previously ran a failed campaign for mayor of Highland Park, on May 27 “liked” a tweet that read: “Protect the Second Amendment like your life depends on it.”

    The tweet came just days after a shooter made his way into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 19 children and two teachers on May 24.

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    Nice going; I don't think any of this will help. Talk only. Nothing "up there" is going to change the "mentality here, neither the "church" . History will tell the tale of the "catholic church"; none of their "prayers" made any "difference. Certainly not in this country; neither can this "church" stop the "killing" here by "guns" and other "tools".

    An"Mass" or "prayers" just disappears into thin air and the world goes on as usual. Lots of "catholics" here in the government and Supreme Court; but no one up there listens to them. Humans are on their own on this tiny globe and "humans" make an mess of it including "Pope's" and other "religions". All of what is happening here is "solely" created by "humans" and no one beyond this globe did ever interfere.

    The people who are "appointed" to take action are AWOL. Biden travels to the middle east; that will help for sure. "Pope"s do only "talk" and "pray"; they "do" nothing except collect "money"; neither does any other "church". The "holy" one's will not bring the "dead" back to life. Our "leaders" here forget to "lead" and act as the "church" does. So what do "earthly" people expect; the next shooting is waiting around the corner and no Pope is going to stop such.

    Amen; wake up America and "do" something other than "talk"

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    As of May, 2020, 19 states (including Illinois) have "red flag" laws, but they are difficult to enforce.

    In at least one case this year (the spa shootings in Georgia) a red flag had been posted against the shooter, but it had not been signed off by a judge.

    HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — The man accused of killing seven people and wounding dozens of others in a shooting that terrorized a Fourth of July parade had been investigated by the local police before. Officers had responded in 2019 after someone reported that he had tried to kill himself. And they came to his home a few months later — seizing a knife collection — after a family member reported that he had pledged to “kill everyone.”

    Still, in the years since, the man, Robert E. Crimo III, 21, was able to legally buy several guns in Illinois, including a high-powered rifle that officials said was used in the attack on Monday in Highland Park, a lakefront suburb north of Chicago. On Tuesday, Mr. Crimo was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder.

    Logically, since this guy had pledged to kill everyone, he never should have been allowed to buy a gun, especially a high capacity one, but he managed to pass the background check.

    Even if he were not allowed to buy a gun, the fact remains that his dad (who he lived with) WOULD be able to have a gun - and his dad is a fan of the 2nd amendment. All of the guns used by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook were owned by his mother, who was allowed to own a gun. She became his first victim.

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    All if this shows that this country has no clue about "gun laws". If for instance if your "milk" is poisoned, then they take it "off" the market. Guns are much worse than that, but they rather make all kind of "half baked" rules which can't be enforced, as this shooting shows very clearly. Also these guns and their "bullets" "rip" your body apart, ask the parents of the kids in Uvalde who were warned not to look in the coffins.

    Sorry this country is "crazy" by not "banning" these weapons . Australia did; why not here? Biden if he had "guts" could write an executive order to ban these. Then make an "law" that if "anyone" anywhere would be killed by any existing "weapons like this type" owned by any individual, then they would get "automatically an "life" sentence.

    But yeah the "sissy's" here don't dare, because of the NRA which is and always has been, actually an "criminal" organization.

    Sorry this country is all talk but no "guts". Biden show for change that you have "guts"; forget that the "church" will help you.

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    "negligent entrustment" is a legal term that can cause you a lot of trouble ..

    for example, if you lend your car to a person who is obviously drunk, you can be liable for any bodily injury or property damage he causes ..

    that same term can apply to the Highland Park shooter ..

    three months after the police were at this house (and after he said he wanted to kill everyone", his father sponsored him on a gun application when he was 19 .. he later legally bought 5 guns

    the shooter's dad should also be charged, as an accessory to murder

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    But yeah does this gets the "dead" back to life? The only remedy is "ban" these weapons as well as they do in other civilized countries. There are enough "nutty" families around as well "politicians" ; the gun itself is an "dead material" thing; the people kill; the gun itself can't think. Why give the "tools" to "kill" anything you don't like, and to mental patients of which this country has plenty off. Excuses, excuses, this whole government lives by it.

    It is time to stop talking and do something which "works" for a change.

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    Finally the "police" admitted that the "ammunition" used by the "kid" (and Uvalde?) was of an "solely" military used type which is stamped "MP" (military/police) on the cartridge. Officially this ammunition should not be for sale to the public, so again another issue which does not work here as it should.

    But yeah, this country rather continues on this path, then take "solid" action.

    Sorry Biden you are not an "leader" but an "church" follower, who does not dare to go against anything, let alone make an"strong" stance against "guns and "abortion". Just visit the stupid "human" Pope that helps for sure; these useless guy's in robe's never did help solve worldly human problems by "preaching and "praying". Take the "history test" about this murderous church.

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    Daddy signed off on sonnyboy's FOID, he's NRA, not responsible for anything.

    • I have not been convicted of any Felony under the laws of this or any other jurisdiction.
    • I have not been adjudicated as a mental defective.
    • I have not been a patient in a mental institution or any part of a medical facility for the treatment of mental illness within the past 5 years.
    • I am not intellectually disabled or developmentally disabled.
    • I have not within the past year (preceding the date of this application) used or been addicted to any controlled substance or narcotics in violation of state or federal law.
    • I am not subject of an existing Order of Protection or a No Contact/No Stalking Order.
    • I have not within the past 5 years been convicted of battery, assault, aggravated assault, violation of an order of protection, or a substantially similar offense in which a firearm was used or possessed.
    • I have not been convicted of domestic battery (felony or misdemeanor), aggravated domestic battery or a substantially similar offense.
    • I have not been adjudicated by a court as a mental defective or ordered by a court, board or authorized entity to in-patient or out-patient mental health treatment.

    blah, blah, blah....

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    Yes, it seems that the US government, due to the lack of "solid proven " laws" for the "times" we live in, are so convoluted that no one can see the trees because of the woods surrounding it. Due to "case" laws things get out of hand because "research" takes a lot of time as well research in piles of "antique" paper work , which were written in different times than we live now, so then you get the wrong interpretation as is the case with the Second Amendment which does not fit the times we live in. Unless we start an "militia" as some did, such as the "Proud Boys", who are thus allowed to carry guns as written in 1800. Such shows how screwed up our laws are, if you don't keep them up to date.

    You summed it up correctly why such does not work. The refusal by our "lawyers" to write things without "loopholes" and other possible interpretation seems to be impossible here, as well up to date "laws"as other countries do. (because of the "money' and "corruption" they stick with it)