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What is wrong with this world?

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    Right now all kind of horrible things are happening in this world which are "human" created.

    51 immigrant people died in San Antonio TX in an truck due to heat exhaustion, because of "human" trafficers" or an Abbott?.

    18 people died in Kiev in an shopping mall due to that the Russians threw an missile on it. (where is the International Court; sound asleep?)

    It looks like "global warming" and the "pandemic" as well "power grabbing" are the cause.

    Looking at this picture and the killing by "guns" all over, that all norms in the world are loosing it.

    Maybe it is the over-population as well the "Covid" and "food supplies" and "greed" which distorts the "human" interface and "common sense" . Throw in "religion" then the picture is complete.

    What a world we live in!

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    The earf is rotating the wrong way, counterclockwise, screwing itself off instead of on, it's all I can figure.
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    I guess " over-population" and "migration" as well "food" and "commodity" supplies on top of an "pandemic" with "leaders" who are too busy with themselves and their "ego's",won't work for the common little people on this globe.

    The "earth" itself "rotates as it wishes; we are just an tiny "marble" floating in space in between an zillion other "objects" .

    Humans themselves make an mess on this "marble" and "fight" between each other day in day out. They are just "greedy" little ants, which are too busy to "destroy" themselves.

    The "universe" does not care, it goes on as it likes. Humans think they know it all, but don't. They are only clever in by inventing new "killing" tools. Humanity will disappear, but the universe just goes on and on and nothing changes in it; with "humans" or "without" them. "Gods" are an "human" fictional creation to cover their fear of death. Nothing up-there controls humans and their "behavior"; humans themselves are responsible for everything what happens to them on this tiny globe and nothing "up there" controls us. Amen

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    The "title" was: "What is wrong in this world?" I can only answer an "hell" of a lot is wrong! The Russians are sliming up with Erdogan as well Iran, with whom they made an "pact". In other words our Iran "war" turned out great for the Russians. Things are not going great either in the Ukraine; so for the western world things don't look all that positive.

    Neither in this country itself: the "Trumpers" are still in place and even in Maryland an staunch "Trumper" is running for Governor. Biden's "ratings are "horrible" right now, so what will happen in the "fall"?. As long as Manchin still can do as he likes, forget that any Democrat gets anything "positive" done. In the "meantime "climate change" is already here and will drive up your "airco" bill and everything else as well creates plenty of "wild fires" etc.

    Internationally speaking lots is happening, but the US is sound "asleep" : The Euro is now just about equal with the "dollar" so that will certainly have its effect on import and trade. The "supply lines" are still in chaos; even Airbus can't complete and deliver aircraft on time. So there are lots of things going on which will affect the whole world in a big way. However the "balance" in the world in lots of area's are shifting in the wrong direction. Also our "elections" and its outcome, may have huge consequences if "greedy ego trippers" without any brains get elected.

    Take the "money" out of elections; that will help! But yeah this country "loves" money and therefore "corruption". There is no "shame" at all.