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Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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    Welcome to Afghanistan II, So a woman is no longer is the "boss" over their own body as well the poor can't limit the "rape" done onto them . What a country! That is what you get if you let Trump and his "cronies" elect Supreme Court Judges. Democrats do your investigation on what "pills" they shoved into Gingsburg.

    So "women" get your "stainless steel" underwear" out of the closet! As well buy a zillion birth control pills before they are also taken off the market. I guess the next step is to cover your face and head all day long and don't take any "manly" like job.

    Impeach Trump again, because he inserted these assholes (via tricks) into the Supreme Court. This whole Court should be abolished because it has become totally "partisan" and does not follow the Constitution or it neither does "own" your body and what you do to it at all.

    Another suggestion is to let the "baby" (crippled or no legs or arms or braindead like most Americans) have an "gun" in the crib (because that's allowed) then hopefully it will shoots itself. Everything is possible in la la land. Even Pence loved the ruling; too bad they did not "hang" him.

    What a country; it has lost its mind and status in the world in a big way. Unbelievable the stupidity here. Neither the "church" or the "goverment" owns your body or what grows in it.

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    The New York Times this morning published the entire opinion written by Judge Alito, but is also included editorial comments about some of the paragraphs in order to provide more background.

    Yesterday, there were protests against the ruling around the country, and some of the protestors in Phoenix actually got tear gassed.

    Since public opinion strongly supports access to abortion in some form, the issue will become an albatross for the GOP in the mid-terms. Don't be surprised if the Democrats EXPAND their majority, rather than losing it.

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    The weird thing is, is the "timing" . Especially now the January 6th committee, showed the role of the wife of Thomas the Supreme Court Judge. I guess after Thomas showed his "real" face now, then I think that the "committee" now refrains from calling her to testify. Sorry but this Supreme Court is and stays the way Trump and the GOP wanted it, which means "back to the stone age" . Some States will likely make the "punishment" even worse, especially for the "poor" who are "powerless.

    Looking at all these things happening now, it shows that this country compared to other "normal" countries lost its mind.

    "Guns" or "abortions" don't belong in "governing" ; lethal weapons should be banned all together and done years ago, like other countries did, even Canada. Abortions should never be an "government issue" neither an "church" issue. Nothing "up there" determines what you do with your body and what "grows in it" either. Humans are an weird animal species who "solely" on their own should decide these things as well learned to write total nonsense in the "middle east" thousands of years ago, which the dumb ass people "believe as true" while no one "up there" controls anything people do or have done ever since then. Just read the "history of the world" and how many people were killed due to human invented "religions" and wrong doings. "God's" don't start wars; "humans do".

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    I like to emphasize that no one from "outerspace" ever dictated "humans" what to do. All things on this tiny planet are done by "humans" only and not little "space creatures" from Mars. Neither was Jesus not an human of "bones and flesh" and could "talk" Hebrew. The same as with all the religious leaders here, like Mohammed or Buddha etc. They all were "born" here and died here. Humans only invented these things because at those times nothing was known about "space" or "common sense" about this very tiny planet floating in space. Remember when the world was "flat"?

    Also even now "religion" is "meddling in your life, because some "human " beings are "gullible and naive" and can't think for themselves. Like I keep saying: "nothing up there controls you", take the "test". No one should control your body either, except yourself and may be your doctor should advise you. Sorry the government is not an "doctor" but only wants "control" over your "brain" (and "wallet) so they can "manipulate" that, as is the case in Iran and Afghanistan. Do we really want that?

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    The Supreme Court on Thursday sharply cut back the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to reduce the carbon output of existing power plants, a blow to President Biden’s commitment to battle climate change.

    The vote was 6 to 3, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. writing for the court’s conservatives.

    “Capping carbon dioxide emissions at a level that will force a nationwide transition away from the use of coal to generate electricity may be a sensible ‘solution to the crisis of the day,’ ” Roberts wrote, referring to a court precedent. “But it is not plausible that Congress gave EPA the authority to adopt on its own such a regulatory scheme.”

    Justice Elena Kagan, writing for the dissenters, countered: “Today, the Court strips the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the power Congress gave it to respond to ‘the most pressing environmental challenge of our time,’ ” referring to another precedent.

    The court was considering the powers granted by the Clean Air Act, which was written decades ago, before climate change was widely recognized as a worldwide crisis.

    (The Clean Air Act was passed in 1970, when a Republican was the president. The is another example of the court taking us backwards 50 years - and Clarence Thomas just reversed a New York gun law that had been in place more than 100 years.

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    Yes something has to be done about this Supreme Court; according to the "rules" this Court should be impartial and not meddle in "agencies" who have the say about "global warming"; they again "overstepped" their role in Governing as well overstepped their "power" to meddle with an "woman's body".

    This Thomas guy and his lovely fat wife, should be removed from this court immediately. Biden should have the guts to arrange such, since by "law" this court can't be "partisan".

    Sick country for sure; throw the "old rotten parchment" out and make this an "parliamentary" style government with up to date laws. Even Canada can make decent Gun and Abortion laws, and Climate "rules", except in this "backwards" country, which still lives in 1776 with their laws (with only a very few Amendments and some wrong ones) which need an "zillion" lawyers to explain on how to "adapt" such to 2022 via "case laws". Laughable for sure. Just one big "money circus" for the lawyers. No wonder that this country is "un-governable".

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    Kamala is visiting Indiana; to "speech" about the coming "abortion" ban there. absolute B.S. ; Biden should do his job and don't allow banning abortion. Just "talk" won't do anything. This is the State where Pence the "church lover" does come from, so forget it Kamala. It is time Biden shows an "backbone" related to this issue, because lots of women are having problems even with mis-carriages etc. Do something "big" for a change and re-install Roe v. Wade. Or something even better.

    Lots of women see no way out and then do drastic things or kill themselves and the fetus.

    I guess this country is going nuts; it is here no Afghanistan where the "religion" has the power over the people, but it starts looking like such, due to that the "churches" got their foot between the door and are allowed to meddle in peoples life's as well "governing". This is an very dangerous trend ; your body is your own; neither the "church" or State "owns" it. There should be stringent "separation" between "church" and "State". Amen